Olympus View SMS Messenger Announces Availability of Exciting New Update

Update brings a number of stability fixes and powerful new features to one of the leading Android SMS messaging apps, Olympus View SMS Messenger reports

The makers of the highly popular Olympus View SMS Messenger app for Android devices announced that a new version is available. Incorporating a number of fixes and new features, the new update is available to all users on the Google Play app store and should automatically be pushed to those who already have Olympus View SMS Messenger installed. The Olympus View SMS Messenger is a leading member of a new wave of messaging applications and offers an elegant, highly customizable SMS messaging experience to users.

"We're excited to announce that a new version of our flagship messaging product is now available," Olympus View SMS Messenger creator Walter Pardo stated, "and we're sure that both our dedicated fans and new users are going to love the new features and updates." As smart phone users increasingly view traditional voice calls as the communication method of last resort, messaging applications of all sorts have skyrocketed in popularity. This phenomenon made the news in a particularly spectacular way early this year when social network giant Facebook announced that it would pay a total of $19 billion in order to acquire messaging service WhatsApp, as reported by techcrunch.

That acquisition shocked many industry observers with the sheer size of the financing package involved, but others have opined that it was a realistic sign of the importance of messaging apps. Olympus View SMS Messenger, one of the best-received and most popular of the current wave of messaging apps, has already received an impressive share of this attention and seems poised to go on to even greater heights, potentially to the point of enticing jaw-dropping buyout offers of its own.

Users of the app appreciate the way that it integrates smoothly and productively into their existing messaging work flows, while also providing immensely satisfying customization options and bulletproof messaging features. The newly released update that was just announced includes industry-leading messaging widgets that make it easier and faster than ever for users to send and receive messages, as well as a variety of entirely new themes, each of which can be assigned to particular contacts as users desire.

The rich, highly tuned 3d interface that is at the heart of Olympus View SMS Messenger has also been refined and tweaked to provide even more satisfying performance on a wide variety of devices. With these improvements and more having been made, Olympus View SMS Messenger moves even more clearly to the head of the pack of available messaging applications, making it likely that the app's already impressive user base will grow even more quickly.

That is not to say that Olympus View SMS Messenger has reached the limits of its development, either. Creator Pardo has teased some exciting new functionality on his personal Google+ page, suggesting that the highly popular Olympus View SMS Messenger themes will soon be available on wearable devices. Those interested in installing or learning more about the Olympus View SMS Messaging App can do so at the Google Play store, where an informative and entertaining demo video can also be viewed.

About Olympus View SMS Messenger:
Providing fast and easy messaging in a highly customizable and rock-solid 3d interface, Olympus View SMS Messenger has quickly become one of the most exciting and popular messaging applications available.

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