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CattitudeDaily.com, a popular website dedicated to all things cat, has recently published an article revealing that the oldest living cat in the US has celebrated his 31st birthday.

CattitudeDaily, a widely followed website for news, facts, and tips related to cats, continues to grab the attention of cat lovers. In one of its recently published articles, the website has revealed that America’s oldest living cat named Tiger has turned thirty-one. Tiger hails from Illinois and is owned by avid pet lover Robert Goldstein.

Experts say the life expectancy of cats depends on a variety of circumstances, including environment, diet and health. In general, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats and their average lifespan is between 12-18 years. Also, it has been observed that female cats live one to two years more compared to male cats. Surprisingly, the average lifespan of wild, homeless and feral cats tends to be dramatically shorter compared to the domesticated ones. According to CattitudeDaily.com, the oldest cat on record was a feline named Creme Puff, from Texas, who passed away at the age of thirty-eight.

Many of today’s tech savvy cat owners love sharing images of their favorite cats on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Tiger’s photo was shared recently on Reddit by Robert Goldstein’s stepdaughter and this is when the owner came to know how special his pet is.

The article from CattitudeDaily.com says that Goldstein received his beloved pet from his then girlfriend in 1996. An image taken just after Tiger was taken to the vet for a routine checkup has created quite a stir amongst Reddit users, says the site.

During an interview with WWBM Radio, Goldstein shared the secret of Tiger’s longevity with listeners. “Tiger has always eaten dry cat food and will only drink out of the bathtub. He still likes to go outside and sits on top of a car,” he mentioned.

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