Oklahoma's Preferred Roofing Makes New Investments, Allowing for Even Faster Response

New investments into equipment and highly trained staff will help leading commercial, industrial roof restorer provide even more responsive service, Preferred Roofing reports

Preferred Roofing, one of the country's leading commercial and industrial roofing specialists, will now offer even faster service throughout Oklahoma and beyond, company representatives reported. Thanks to new investments that further expand Preferred Roofing's capabilities, clients can expect the company to be even more accommodating with regard to scheduling and otherwise. Since 1993, Preferred Roofing has been one of the country's top restorers and repairers of commercial and industrial roofing, with a special focus on metal roofing coatings and polyurethane foam roof treatments.

"With demand for our services higher than ever," Preferred Roofing founder Bill Feland announced, "We're happy to say that we have made some new investments that will allow us to provide even faster service to our valued customers. That means the best commercial and industrial roofing services anywhere are just a quick phone call away."

Compared to those of residential buildings, where one familiar set of roofing solutions are common, commercial and industrial roofing problems are typically of another sort entirely. Many such buildings, for example, are topped with large, flat roofs, surfaces that demand entirely different solutions than are appropriate for houses with peaked ones.

Since 1993, Preferred Roofing has been providing the best possible roofing answers for industrial and commercial customers throughout Oklahoma and beyond. After founder Bill Feland got his start as an independent roofing specialist focusing on residential and light commercial work, the new company transitioned into heavier work.

Before long, Preferred Roofing had become one of the top names in the state among knowledgeable commercial and industrial customers, impressing many with its capabilities applying spray polyurethane foam. Economical, virtually impervious to leaking, and highly energy efficient, that treatment frequently makes a great choice for industrial and commercial facilities with flat roofs, and Preferred Roofing quickly proved to be among the best sources of all for it.

Before long, Preferred Roofing established a similarly impressive reputation with regard to its application of protective coatings for metal roofs, another common form of commercial roofing oklahoma business locations are frequently equipped with. Once again, the company's dedication to providing the best, most reliable work available soon established it as one of the top providers anywhere of services of this sort.

Today, in fact, Preferred Roofing stands as the country's leading provider of acrylic roofing coatings supplied by the Conklin Company. Furthermore, it is the only contracting company in all of Oklahoma to have received certification from the highly regarded Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. On top of being the specialist at repairing and restoring commercial roofing tulsa ok companies trust more than any other, Preferred Roofing's reputation has also carried into many other states, with highly successful projects in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Thanks to the company's new investments, Preferred Roofing will be able to deliver its industry-leading services even more widely, quickly, and regularly. The new investments will allow Preferred Roofing to take on even more projects with the same levels of dedication, attention, and focus that have made it one of the country's top companies of its kind.

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