OkeWar Redefines “Play-to-earn” with Immersive Tower Defense Genre

OkeWar launches with aim to redefine the "play to earn" concept

When it comes to entertainment, video games are a popular choice nowadays among the young. However, playing games has grown into a new "career" phenomenon. Especially within the space of blockchain technology, Play-to-earn and GameFi are shaping the entire market with their virtual economy. Since the GameFi explosion experienced in the blockchain industry this year, recording $16 billion in October, it has remained to accelerate with neither sign of a standstill. As many specialists continue searching for the utility of decentralized technology, NFT and GameFi are gradually going mainstream, especially with integrating the fiercely prosperous crypto-assets features into the universe.

Within the Blockchain-based game business, the entire industry witnesses a tremendous wave of brand-new projects being introduced each day. They cover a wide range of game genres such as Roleplaying, Sport, Action, and Adventure, with some representatives like Axie Infinity, Binemon, or Hero Empire. The variety of those games open a chance for both players and investors to expand their income from multiple sources. Still, the players' and investors' demands are high for many quality titles to fill in the shortage of game diversity.

A Quality Defense Tower Game

A fast-rising project furiously striving to create its mark within the universe of the GameFi industry, OkeWar, has perfected the art of P2E games with its suite of the Strategy genre. Its series of concepts makes it feasible to promote any idea with NFTs through its unique Oke Universe. Furthermore, the team behind this most advanced gaming platform has designed Okewar with some of the most complex game characters and world map visuals.

To help players experience the innovation in its Defense genre, Okewar adopted a galactic war story between the alienated races living around the cosmos such as Noah, Azazel, Gadreel, Kokabiel, Bezaliel, and Prayer. In the past, humanity explored a new type of element, Enoch, which could produce infinite energy for the entire civilization. The world witnessed the era of Galaxy Conquering. Though the prosperity of humankind didn't last long due to the exploitation of Enoch, which led to the Great War among the universe and most human being destroyed. In the ruined civilization, Noah - the mutation race hunger for Enoch, invades the universe to achieve this precious energy for them. Other races have joined their force to establish the Galactic Alliance, and now they are preparing to deal with a rising threat from the ancient civilization.

And as pointed out earlier, Okewar is implanted with a state-of-the-art galactic world; players will engage themselves into magnificent planets. People can establish a defense plan with the management of various heroes and weapon items. The game delivers brilliant gameplay with an advanced reward system to enable players or investors to earn tokens as their benefit. Speaking of the in-game virtual economy, the executive team applied an anti-inflation token policy to avoid following the same path of many projects' failure, which will solve the degradation of price in the future. Additionally, Okewar Marketplace is open to every player for exchanging heroes, equipment, and upgrading materials as the NFT assets.

Okewar sketches out a detailed roadmap with its five phases: Azazel, Noah, Gadreel, Kokabiel, Bezaliel, Prayer, and Enoch. Each stage comes up with the fundamental expansion in its story, character, gameplay, and visual. Finally, to deliver the comprehensive experience to players, Okewar will be released on all three platforms: Web app, App Store on iOS, Play Store on Android.

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