Ohming Technology Weighs in on Burglar Leaving behind a Charging Cellphone in Victim’s Home

Ohming Technology touches on a situation where a burglar leaves his cell phone charging in the home he planned to rob.

Ohming Technology (www. Ohming.com), a company that develops products that make it more convenient to charge multiple devices simultaneously, is weighing in on a burglar leaving behind his charging cellphone in the victim’s home.

In a bit of an interesting twist to a scary situation, a Sacramento burglar left his cellphone charging in a home after robbing it. Initially the homeowner walked in on the burglar robbing his house and was told to lay on the floor while having a gun pointed at his face. But the homeowner took a risk and ran to his bedroom where he locked the door and called the police. He managed to stay safely in the room till the cops showed up, and when he came out of the bedroom to inspect his home, he saw that the burglar had left his phone charging on a table. (Griffin, D., “Armed burglar leaves cell phone charging in victim’s home,” KCRA 3 News web site, February 15, 2015; http://www.kcra.com/news/armed-burglar-leaves-cellphone-charging-in-victims-home/38013326.)

“Because, in this instance, the homeowners came away safe, we’re able to reflect on this situation with a degree of relief and some amusement that a burglar would be this careless,” says Paul Romanenko, owner and CEO of Ohming Technology. “Hopefully the police will be able to use the cell phone to help capture the thief and make sure he is brought to justice.”

Deputies from the Sacramento police have not yet released the selfies of the burglar that they found on the cellphone. A bottle of Sprite and some wet clothes were also found on the scene and are believed to have been left by the same criminal. The homeowner did have a dog present but says the suspect used the food in the home to keep the dog from becoming a problem. He is reported to have said he will invest in a better guard dog—one that won’t be so easily made docile by food. Sacremento police are continuing with the investigation.

“In all seriousness, it’s a blessing that no one was hurt,” Romanenko continues. “Anything can happen in these types of situations, and the fact that nothing serious did happen is something we’re all thankful for.”

Ohming Technology provides its customers with better ways to charge cellphones. The Charge M.E from Ohming Technology can charge up to eight devices simultaneously and can charge both new and legacy devices without the need for a computer connection.

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