Ohio Home Improvement Experts Give Tips on Coping with Harsh Winter Home Damage

The winter of 2013-2014 has been one of the toughest winters for Ohio. With spring being on its way, homeowners are looking for valuable insughts on improving their houses after the rough winter.

With this winter being one of the worst in decades, a lot of homeowners are in search of expert advice on dealing with the winter damage. While each situation requires individual attention, there are certain things that every homeowner should be concerned about, experts say.

According to experts, there are three main areas of the house that require close attention: roof, back and front yards, and common living areas such as basements, kitchens, and living rooms.

“Roofing is an essential part of the house, and it is the part that takes the most stress,” said Michael Maida, owner of Akron, Ohio area’s Home Appeal. “Look for holes in flashing where two roof planes come together or where the roof meets a dormer or chimney. If a leak is a concern, look for its source, which often is higher than where water has come in.”

Indeed, leaks are common issues with roofing, especially when it is exposed to freezing temperatures and excessive snow. Finding the holes and properly fixing them may only be possible with the help of a professional, who is familiar with different types of roofing.

Another important part of the property that may get seriously damaged by winter storms is fencing. Loose or rusted links, rotten wood, or broken parts may not only make the fence look unappealing, but may also be dangerous.

"Once it is nice out, take a careful walk along the fence line,” said Bryan Critser, founder of Outdoor-FX and Elite Fence. ”Look for pieces that need to be reattached and others that need to be replaced.”

Each fix depends on the specific type of fence and may require special attention. Experts recommend that before performing any work on the fence, it is better to determine what material it is made of and whether repairing or replacing the fence is the better option.

While the outdoor space of a house is important in terms of safety, the indoor space needs some attention too, since stains, leaks, and mold may harm a house’s appearance. To prevent such problems, there are some essential tips that every home owner should follow.

“If a roof has been leaking, the ceiling underneath the leak may be stained yellow or brown. Try to simply touch it up with paint, but the stain will likely show right through,” said Kevin McCloskey, owner of Craftsmen Kitchen Remodeling and Home Improvements. “Instead, seal the stain first with a primer/sealer such as Kilz. Then repaint the ceiling.”

A house oftentimes is a person’s most valuable possession. To ensure its safety, it is highly recommended that homeowners properly maintain it with the help of professionals when required.

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