Offshore Protection Offers Customized International Diversification Strategies

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Offshore Protection Offers Customized International Diversification Strategies

Offshore protection is one of the best ways to protect you, your business and your finances in times of uncertainty. This is not a simple one-time fix of stashing some money away in a foreign country but creating holistic offshore protection plan that includes: (1) making use of an offshore company structure for asset protection, tax efficiency, financial privacy; (2) Opening a bank account or trust to keep your wealth safe diversify and protect investments. Lets take a closer look at each of these solutions and how they can work together to provide a much-needed Plan B.

Problems with Onshore Financial Structures
Keeping all of your money in a traditional onshore financial structure is extremely inefficient, risky, and expensive. If you live in any of a number of developed Western countries (e.g. USA, UK, Canada, and most parts of Europe), chances are you are neck-deep in tax bills. Most of these countries charge their citizens and residents exorbitant taxes at the individual and corporate level. The result is a great loss of efficiency as more than a third of your income is lost to taxes.

Keeping all your money in your home country is akin to keeping all your eggs in one basket. You would have been told that diversification is key to reducing the risk of any financial strategy, but might have overlooked that this should include geographical diversification. Storing your wealth in the confines of a single country’s financial system exposes you completely to the risk of things falling apart there (as is happening all over the world). Political and economic instability, banking collapse, currency devaluation, are all real risks.

Why You Should Go Offshore
The good news is that there are highly effective solutions to the issues we have just spoken about. There are ways to protect you, your money and finances from unfair lawsuits and creditors, unstable banks, high taxes, and lack of privacy. There are ways to enhance your financial freedom, internationalise your life, take advantage of exciting and profitable investment opportunities, maximise your returns, and gain access to the best banking services that the world has to offer.

Taking the offshore protection journey can open up many new doors and opportunities. Some of the many benefits include: Increased personal freedom through second citizenship and/or residency, Greater financial freedom with access to a wider range of financial tools and investment opportunities, enhanced privacy, and more flexibility, Security and stability with sophisticated offshore asset protection tools and high-quality offshore bank accounts,Reduction of costs through optimisation of taxes and cheaper financial services, as well as access to new markets for trading and business operations.

Offshore Bank Account
Let us begin with the most basic and fundamental of offshore protection strategies the infamous “offshore bank account”. Owning an offshore bank account in a foreign jurisdiction is an incredibly powerful way to boost your asset security and returns with minimum hassle, as well as offering many other practical advantages.

Furthermore, it is perfectly legal and safe, and can be set up easily with the right guidance. You do not need to be a resident or citizen of a country to open a bank account there, and in some cases, you do not even need to physically visit to open your account.

Offshore Company Structure
The most popular and versatile structure to choose when incorporating an offshore business is that of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This acts as a sort of hybrid between a sole proprietorship and a corporation. It provides the same levels of privacy and asset protection measures as a corporation, while offering the same kind of simplicity, cost effectiveness, and tax neutrality of a sole proprietorship.

The main advantage of an offshore LLC is that it provides limited liability protection to its beneficial owners, and good degrees of privacy and separation depending on the jurisdiction chosen. In some jurisdictions, the type of structure will go by a different name or form (such as that of the Limited Liability Partnership in the UK) but acts in much the same way as an LLC.

Asset Protection
An offshore company provides powerful asset protection in two ways: Firstly, an offshore LLC creates a legal separation between the owner and the company, meaning that the owner’s personal assets are safe if the company is sued and vice versa.

Secondly, because the company structure is situated in a foreign jurisdiction, there is an additional layer of protection from domestic threats such as lawsuits and creditor claims. This is further strengthened by the fact that the best jurisdictions for offshore company formation offer greater levels of privacy and much more protective legislature which safeguards companies’ assets.

Offshore Protection Solutions
It is up to you to enlist the services of a professional offshore financial advisor and do your own additional research to uncover what else is out there, and to formulate the ideal offshore protection plan to suit your particular circumstances.

About Offshore Protection
Offshore Protection has worked with thousand of clients since 1996 specializing in offshore solutions. Their offices offer all the services you need to secure your offshore future, including crypto licenses, offshore trusts and foundations, second passports, and investment accounts.

Offshore Protection has over 25 years of experience conducting business in over 30 jurisdictions offering offshore legal, financial and banking solutions providing an individualized holistic offshore strategy.

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