Office Fanatics Launches New Automation Blog

The blog focuses on enhancing the workplace with technology, automation, and 3-dimensional printing, reports

Office Fanatics, a website dedicated to the exploration and discussion of office technology and automation, has recently announced the launch of their new blog. The blog’s writers have started their journey with a commitment to expanding their site by focusing on one category of automation at a time. At the time of the launch, the Office Fanatics team has decided to focus on 3-D printers.

“3-D printing is one of the hottest topics in office automation because it brings a level of novelty to office spaces that we have not seen before,” said Jerome Stephens, a representative of Office Fanatics. “Being able to create objects through this process brings with it endless possibilities for many industries and office environments. It is with an eye toward the future that we have decided to launch the Office Fanatics blog with a focus on 3-D printing. It is our hope to create a dialogue among our readers and help spark their interest in this technology so that, together, we can find new ways to enhance the office and laboratory environments in which we work each day.”

In addition to in-depth explanations of what 3-D printing is and how these printers work, the new Office Fanatics blog also provides comprehensive reviews featuring some of the best and most advanced 3-D printers on the market today. At, readers can get a glimpse of what the writers at Office Fanatics deem the best printer under $500, while other posts cover categories like plug-and-play and mini 3-D printer reviews.

As Stephens goes on to say, “We sincerely believe that 3-D printing has been one of the best office automation inventions in the last decade, and we are proud to launch our blog with a focus on such an exciting topic. We look forward to being able to connect with our readers and see all the ways they are able to use 3-D printing to bring an even higher level of innovation to the work they do.”

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Office Fanatics was created with the mission of making office spaces happy and stress-free environments. Their team seeks to do this by turning daily office chores and boring tasks into easy and pleasant experiences with office automation. They sincerely believe that office employees can use office electronics and gadgets to make life easier and save time. The Office Fanatics blog focuses on new office gadgets, how they work, and where to buy them for the best price.

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