Off Duty Surgeon’s Idea Saves Cyclists Life

Collision with lorry left female patient fighting to stay alive until Mr. Dimitri stepped in with last minute rescue plan.

Cheshire, England. Tuesday 12th November: Back in 2009, retired cycling enthusiast Mary Ellison had her life changed forever courtesy of a road accident in which she was thrown 10 feet into the air. Had it not been for the quick thinking of off duty surgeon Mr. Sameh Dimitri, though, she would not have been here to tell the tale.

Mr. Dimitri Saves Life With Genius Idea

Following the extensive injuries sustained in the horrific accident of October 28, hopes of saving Mrs. Ellison were fading fast at the Countess Of Chester Hospital. As the team prepared to give up, though, fate intervened as the off duty Mr. Dimitri stepped in to try one last trick – incredibly, it worked, extending the patient’s life when it looked to be over.

Having heard about the serious accident, Mr. Dimitri visited the theatre to quickly assess the situation and suggest using a filter to stop the blood, followed by fitting a metal cage to the patient’s bones to support the smashed pelvis. Due to the rate of blood loss, as well as a host of additional injuries, including four broken vertebrae, broken ribs, a broken knee, and a huge cut to the back of the head, the surgeons only had one shot. The operations was thankfully a success.

Mrs. Ellison still spent over a fortnight in a coma while she was unable to leave hospital for over five months. Furthermore, the lie-changing impacts of the injuries mean she can no longer cycle or boast the mobility she once did. Nonetheless, the actions of Mr. Dimitri quite literally saved her life when all hope seemed lost.

A decade later, the patient is still enjoying the miracle that the surgeon facilitated. Given the severity of the issues, it is one of the most significant cases of its kind in history.

About Mr. Dimitri and Vein Solutions

A highly trained vascular surgeon in the Mersey area, Mr. Dimitri has been qualified MBBcH for nearly 35 years, specialising in vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, vascular medicine, and minimal access surgery.

With professional memberships to the Royal College of Surgeons, Vascular Society of GB and Ireland, and European Society for Vascular Surgery (among others), his reputation in the field is of the highest standard. The life-saving case of Mrs. Ellison is just one example of his understanding of the situation coming to the rescue.

Vein Solutions doesn’t only deal with life-saving treatments, though, and focuses on a range of varicose vein procedures to reduce discomfort, boost self-confidence levels, and aid daily function and movement. From thread veins to pelvic congestion syndrome, Mr. Dimitri and the team can provide winning solutions in a range of situations.

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