ODYSSEY PROTOCOL Pre Sale Is Dropping Soon And Don't Miss Out On 10K NFTs Airdrops

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL, the first cryptocurrency with all BCS native rewards platform that can split rewards into two different currencies simultaneously, has announced the widely anticipated pre-sale, which is happening from 24th November 2021.

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL has announced that its pre-sale is coming up in a few days' time, and the news has excited the crypto community that has been eagerly waiting. A lot of appealing things have been said about ODYSSEY PROTOCOL as the next big thing in the crypto market and has been catching the crypto investors' attention.

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL team has announced that only 13% of the total token supply, which is 21 million ODS tokens, will be minted during the pre-sale. But this is not the only thing that is exciting potential ODS Token investors. The project is promising to do what no other blockchain-based protocol has been able to do so far.

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL is building the first blockchain-based platform that rewards crypto investors with all BCS rewards and simultaneously split rewards in multiple currencies. The rewards will be BNB, which is one of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies, but investors can swap it with any other BSC native coin. They can also split the reward as half BNB and the other half to be paid in another BSC native token. No other project is offering this.

ODS Token investors who will participate in ODS token pre-sale will be reaping big, according to the project ODYSSEY website. As the team says, ODYSSEY PROTOCOL is a platform that will make ODS token investors rich. Immediately after buying the token during the upcoming pre-sale, investors will start earning a passive income of 10% of all transactions on the platform. This is a pretty good passive income that's getting many crypto investors interested in this platform.

But the most exciting thing about the 10% reward for holding the token is that token holders can choose the currency they like as long as it is a native BSC token. But the default currency for the rewards from the ODYSSEY PROTOCOL platform is BNB. Investors can choose to get 5% in BNB and the other 5% in 1inch or any other BSC native coin.

Another exciting thing making ODYSSEY PROTOCOL ODS token pre-sale hot news is the auto-claim function that automatically sends rewards to the token holder wallets every 60 minutes. No manual claim anymore or losing out income because the protocol has the reward system automated.

In addition to buying ODS tokens, ODYSSEY PROTOCOL has announced 10k NFTs airdrops for all token holders. This will be big as the pre-sale participants will have the opportunity to increase their investment with the free NFTs. The team announced that Airdrops NFTs would come immediately after the pre-sale closing.

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL is a project that will continue to grow popular with crypto investors because of its massive potential. The platform will be using Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, which means the ODS staking process will be coming soon. ODYSSEY PROTOCOL ecosystem will also run an in-game NFT, NFT marketplace, and other many products, which makes it a perfect investment opportunity for crypto investors looking to stake ODS token.

ODYSSEY PROTOCOL could be the next Crypto Punks, and the attractive rewards plus the 10K NFTs airdrops are major aspects of the project that are attracting crypto investors' attention. The pre-sale is ending on 20th November 2021. This is definitely the next big thing in the crypto market. Don't miss out!

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