Octopus Yachts Standardizes TRXio For Simplified Inventory Management

TRXio has created efficient serialization, tracking, and asset management for the custom marine electronics installer, reports www.trxio.com.

Octopus Yachts – a leading installer for custom marine electronics – has standardized TRXio’s inventory management and asset tracking software to keep a detailed history of unique items and history of its movement to better serve high end pleasure vessel owners and small commercial vessel operators. Based on the New Jersey coast, Octopus Yachts, tracks nearly a quarter of a million dollars of inventory, including GPS, chart plotters, radar, sonar, audio, video and more, all with TRXio.

Octopus Yachts performs new electronics installations, refits and service existing equipment at their headquarters in New Jersey and on the road with five service vehicles, making it difficult to track inventory from each of their permanent and mobile locations. Octopus Yachts integrated TRXio nearly one year ago, now spending more than 40 hours on the software per week.

“Before TRXio, we were using Excel and a custom ‘equipment log’ spreadsheet, but this was very cumbersome and prone to error,” said Rob Demeter, parts manager for Octopus Yachts. “As sales volume increased, we needed a way to track equipment and parts throughout the job cycle. At the same time, we wanted to reduce unnecessary parts in inventory while maintaining sufficient stock for daily operations and to track specific details such as serial numbers to assist in invoicing and warranty purposes. Often high-value items are brought in specifically for a certain project, or need to be allocated from stock so we can have equipment lined up for projects as soon as the vessel or tech staff is ready. During “spring rush” we need to know, at a glance, if the ten chart plotters we have in the shop have been allocated to projects, and if we need to order more. At $6,000 a piece – we don’t want to overstock, or be short and make a customer wait.”

TRXio has helped to improve communication between outside technicians, those inside the office and different departments to allocate which parts are assigned for a particular job. “We love the ability to track each part as a unique item and keep a detailed history of its movements. We have looked at other inventory systems and nothing else is as thorough,” said Demeter. “With almost every other package we looked at, something as basic as serial numbers was an afterthought that required a ‘workaround.’ With TRXio, each items’ uniqueness is built right in to the software’s core. We strongly feel that TRXio performs in a way that no other system can accomplish.”

As an early adopter of TRXio’s software, Octopus Yachts has experienced the immense progression and enhancements that have been implemented. “We’ve seen more improvements with each update and TRXio is probably one of our most important software tools now. Our next step is giving all of our technician’s access to TRXio in the field,” said Demeter. “We would strongly recommend TRXio because of its ability to record and track inventory so precisely, and a support team that is one of the best we work with. One of the most amazing things we’ve seen is how the software package has grown in a very short time based on suggestions we’ve given. We’ve never seen another software platform update as fast as TRXio, and each update is stable, which is a necessity in the business environment. Cairnstack Software and TRXio has become the mark with which we judge other companies by.”

About TRXio, powered by Cairnstack Software:

TRXio is the only inventory management service specifically designed for the AV industry. For integrators, TRXio provides the ability to accurately invoice all materials used on a job. For suppliers and manufacturers, TRXio eliminates transshipping and inventory shrinkage. TRXio provides flawless, end-to- end, real-time tracking and management of the entire inventory with integration with many popular software solutions. From receiving product shipments to in-house locations, technician delivery truck inventory, tracking outside purchases, and client job product use, TRXio allows integrators and suppliers to know where their inventory is at all times. Delivering real inventory enlightenment, cloud-based TRXio helps cut costs, recover hidden profits, and helps users stay informed as they track and manage inventory and assets through every stage of business.

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