OC Car Guys Offer Drivers A Fast Solution For Their Unwanted Vehicles

Occarguys.com providing solutions to those who wish to have their used car sold at appropriate price.

The promoters started from an ordinary car dealership. They were having nice reputation among the customers as a dealer. Being in the dealership business they realized the problem their customers faced at the time of selling used cars. This realization made the promoters of the company to launch “Occarguys.com” an online service of buying the used cars. They also help the customers in purchasing cars.

They started with a local small business and have grown fast to be a moderate player in the specific market segment. They are having competition with other big established branded and non branded players in the market. Initially they started at the local level but now they are covering the whole country.

The business model works on the process of contracting with auto dealerships across the country to provide a network of representatives who can offer good value for unwanted vehicles after having procured them from the sellers. Their network of dealers can provide the sellers with instant payment. The company buys any kind of used vehicles ranging from few dollars to 100000 dollars. It depends on the condition of the vehicle being bought.

The company makes on spot quick payments after inspection. They buy any car, any year having any mileage and the offer is valid for 7 days or 300 miles. The customer registration process is quite easy and the customer automatically is subjected to the online terms and conditions and privacy policies.

They buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Classics, Commercial vehicles and more. The company also has advertisers, suppliers, sponsors, and third party presence on its website and claims to have no control over the content or links that appear on these sites as they have their own privacy policies and terms.

So Occarguys.com is one of the solutions for those who wish to sell their used cars hassle free. The service is satisfactory since in just one of their Service Zones they have 14 expert car buyers on their payroll in the field. They are on a map in their call center and can be deployed to customers after the customer has registered with the site. The service seems to have found some of the satisfying customers.

The a proper connect with the dealers and the satisfactory technical support helps the customers get their deal fast and also helping the company sticking to its policy to provide competitive service in the industry and thus fueling the company’s growth in the field with the growing industry size. During recession the industry suffered but has survived.

For a near good and satisfactory experience the customers have remained with the company. Mostly mouth to mouth advertisement from the satisfied customers and good online and offline promotions is helping the company grow at a moderate pace.

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