OC Car Guys, An Instant Car Offer

OC Car Guys providing solutions to those who wish to have their used car sold at appropriate price.

From being an ordinary car dealership and having a great reputation among the customers the owners of the OC Car Guys realized that there was no easy way for individuals to sell their vehicles online without being solicited to purchase another and finally the realization of the problem gave birth to the Instant Car Offer. Initially they started small but now they are covering the whole country.

The business model works on the final process of contracting with auto dealerships across the country to provide a network of representatives who can offer good value for unwanted vehicles after having procured them from the sellers. Their network of dealers can provide the sellers with instant payment. The offers are made on all types of vehicles ranging from few dollars to $ 100,000.

The company makes on spot quick payments after inspection. They buy any car, any year having any mileage and the offer is valid for 7 days or 300 miles plus the seller does not have to incur any advertising or marketing costs. Finally it is easy and free with no obligation or nothing to sign up for.

They buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Classics, Commercial vehicles and more. They buy anything they can lay their hands on which have got wheels and an engine. That can even be trucks. They have been in business for over 35 years due to the fantastic customer response they got for all those years and are confidant to be around for many years to come.

OC Car Guys is the best solution for those who wish to sell used cars hassle free. The service is very fast since in just one of their Service Zones, they have 14 expert car buyers on their payroll in the field, all either on their way to or at a vehicle that they are purchasing. They are on a map in their call center and can be deployed to customers literally at the touch of a button. So the service is lightning fast.

The customer satisfaction and the sound technical support helps the customers get their deal fast and also helping the company sticking to its policy to provide best service in the industry and thus becoming the fastest growing in the field. So one can have one of the best and convenient experiences with OC Car Guys. It is highly recommended by the customers who deal with the company.

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Organization: OC Car Guys
Website: http://occarguys.com/

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