Obamacare For Smarties Says to Look Beyond Obamacare

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Obamacare For Smarties is a new eBook cautioning consumers to look beyond insurance premiums and consider their total healthcare costs. It also cautions against casual reliance on a healthcare system it describes as corrupted and dangerous.

A newly-published eBook argues the importance of looking beyond Obamacare to become smarter medical consumers. Obamacare For Smarties takes a comprehensive approach by helping consumers comply with Obamacare’s requirements, get the most from their health insurance, and be cautious consumers of over-priced and often dangerous medical services.

While the book helps demystify insurance so consumers can more realistically assess health plan options, it also cautions against complacency in relying on a healthcare system it describes as corrupted and dangerous – urging greater caution and restraint in its use. In doing so, it challenges Obamacare’s fundamental premise that better access to healthcare is always a good thing.

Sub-titled “Don’t play cat and mouse with your healthcare – or your health”, the book dismisses the political debate over Obamacare as a distraction and focuses readers on getting the most from Obamacare. It urges readers to rethink their health insurance and healthcare needs given America’s exploding healthcare costs – Obamacare or no Obamacare.

Readers are cautioned that...

• Insurance premiums are “just the tip of the iceberg”,
• Total costs of care should be their focus, and
• Much of their actual healthcare may not be needed.

Several chapters address dealing with insurers – including how to appeal payment disputes – as well as shopping for healthcare and negotiating with doctors and hospitals.

The book’s author, healthcare veteran and entrepreneur John Lynch, has written extensively about healthcare subjects after decades of healthcare management and consumer advocacy experience.

“The criticism that Obamacare is too expensive is misplaced. It’s our healthcare that's too expensive. All Obamacare does is wake up more Americans to this fact. Blaming Obamacare is like shooting the messenger while the real perpetrators go scot-free…

“Average costs for healthcare will increase another $500 a month for a family of four over just the next few years. No real solutions are coming from insurers, the government, or the healthcare industry itself - which has failed to police medical practices that are often fraudulent, unnecessary, and dangerous”, according to Lynch, who cites the alarming death rate from medical errors in the book.

The book suggests that while Obamacare will make health insurance more affordable for millions of Americans, it adversely affects others. And for both, underlying healthcare spending will still grow faster than other costs of living and force consumers to tighten their belts for other household expenses.

While focused primarily on Obamacare’s requirements and opportunities, the book also addresses consumers’ need to rethink how they use a healthcare system it describes as fragmented and fraudulent.

It cites reports that up to half of healthcare costs in America are unnecessary and attributes much of this to deceptive practices that pad medical bills – most of which is untouched by Obamacare.

“There are plenty of opportunities to avoid this financial disaster, but they require a fundamental rethinking of how we use our broken healthcare system. Smarter medical consumerism can only save you money in both insurance premiums and out-of-pocket healthcare costs”, according to Lynch.

The book addresses the problem of under-insured consumers deferring needed medical care – a growing phenomenon with high-deductible “bronze” health plans that are less expensive but leave consumers responsible for more of their initial medical costs. This means more Americans are in what it calls “the self-insurance business”.

Instead of deferring needed medical care, however, the book calls on consumers to learn to forego tests and procedures they don’t truly need and be proactive in securing those they do. It also encourages readers to embrace more active lifestyles and healthier diets as an economic defense by reducing their need for healthcare services.

“Most Americans simply can’t afford another $500 a month for healthcare. This book helps them find ways to avoid what will otherwise be an unmitigated financial disaster that Obamacare barely affects. Indeed, it may make it even worse for many", Lynch concluded.

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