NYCeWheels Launches an Electric Bike Campaign

Following up on the company's spring season kickoff, reports on the benefits of using an electric bike and other forms of alternative transportation

Asia remains the largest electric bike market in the world, with 32.8 million electric bikes sold in the region in 2016. For the same year, only .15 million electric bikes were sold in North America, and NYCeWheels ( is looking to change that. Electric bikes have come a long way over the years, and consumers need to understand the benefits of this method of transportation.

"Individuals find an electric bike provides them with an added boast when they need it most. This allows individuals to visit new places they may previously have avoided, as the hike was too strenuous or they could not make the trip on a traditional bike. People who use an electric bike find they lose weight and get into shape without the stressful impact many activities have on the body," Conner Sargent, spokesperson for NYCeWheels ( explains.

People often spend a great deal of time commuting to work, sitting in traffic for minutes or hours on end. With an electric bike, a person can get around a busy city with ease. It's an economical way to move around an urban area, as there is no gas involved, and an electric bike requires very little maintenance other than charging the battery.

"Most areas allow electric bike users to make use of bike lanes, and an electric bike is always ready. A person doesn't have to wait for public transportation. This doesn't take into account the time and money that will be saved looking for a parking space or paying for a reserved spot. There is now a folding or electric bike or a kick scooter for everyone, including those in urban and rural areas, as well as in the suburbs," Sargent states.

As more people turn to alternative transportation, air quality will improve and traffic will decrease. Parking becomes easier when more people turn to folding and electric bikes, along with kick scooters, and all are fun to ride. People of any age will enjoy riding one of these bikes or scooters, as it allows them to capture the fun they had while riding a bike as a child, regardless of their current age.

"NYCeWheels (, founded in October 2001, was the dream of Bert Cebular. When Bert passed away in 2013, his brothers Adi and Phillip took over, as the store has become a leader in alternative transportation. Electric scooters were originally sold here, and now the store carries electric and human powered bikes, kick scooters and folding bikes, all of the highest quality. Our company envisions a bright future through alternative transportation, especially in dense urban centers, and we will continue to add new products that help achieve this goal," Sargent declares.

About NYCeWheels:

NYCeWheels specializes in alternative transportation, including folding bikes, electric bikes, and kick scooters. Individuals will enjoy gliding from point A to B in new ways, using means that are environmentally friendly, healthy, efficient, and affordable. Electric and folding bikes, motorized and kick scooters can expand a person's mobility and save time and money. Where storage space, portability, steep inclines and distance were once discouraging factors, NYCeWheels innovative and proven products open up new possibilities for getting around.

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