NYC Diamond-District Jeweler, American Diamonds Jewelry, Engages In Timely Discussion of Wedding and Engagement Rings

New York, NY / March 11, 2014 / CEO of American Diamonds Jewelry, a NYC Diamond District Jeweler, discusses how to avoid getting ripped off and to getting a great deal with a safe, secure shopping experience.

Traditional jewelers were once the preferred and only method to shop for wedding and engagement rings, but many savvy consumers now prefer the convenience and affordability of shopping online. For example, one online retailer American Diamonds Jewelry doesn't have the the same expensive overhead that traditional brick and mortar stores do.

"You can find the same quality rings easily online that you would in-store, but for up to 30-50% less," said the CEO of American Diamonds Jewelry. "It means your budget stretches big time when you buy online."

Based in the heart of New York City's Diamond District, online American Diamonds Jewelry continues to help customers find the perfect diamond for their celebration with a few simple clicks online.

"If you want to save good amount of money for your honeymoon let's say, and you don't want to be bothered dealing with traffic, lines and salespeople, consider online engagement ring and wedding ring shopping," added the CEO.

American Diamonds also has some suggestions to ensure the most from shopping online.

"If you plan to buy a wedding bands or diamond engagement rings online, here's what you need to know," she added.

According to American Diamonds Jewelry, shoppers should do their research when it comes to shopping for a diamond. It recommends to check out the company by doing an online search by combining the company name with the words "complaints" or "review". Look to see that the contact information for the engagement ring company is listed on the website. There should be a name, an address with company operating hours and a telephone number. Give them a call and ask a few questions. Furthermore, make sure website is secure for online purchases, look for security seals such as Mcafee, SSL Certificates etc.

"With a simple browse through our website, you will notice our company's transparency, detailed information about our practices and our availability to be reached over the phone or via email," said American Diamonds Jewelry.

Online security is very important to shoppers."Give us a call or send us an email and ask as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable. Nonetheless, you will notice that our website is very secure for online purchases."

Most importantly, when buying a diamond engagement ring, consumers will want to make sure that the diamond comes with a certificate from an accredited organization such as the GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD or EGL.

"We, at, have in our inventory a large selection of diamonds accredited by all these reputable grading laboratories. In addition, ask about our appraisal service for your engagement ring. This will make it easier to get it insured," said the CEO.

Purchasing an engagement ring can be an overwhelmingly difficult job, especially for men who have never thought about buying jewelry before.

"Researching how to buy an engagement or wedding ring online is a no-pressure, easy way to learn what you need to know. And remember, you will always be able to contact us with any questions along the way and we will get back to you promptly." added American Diamonds' CEO.

American Diamonds makes purchasing engagement rings, wedding bands or other fine jewelry online, a hassle free experience. It provides a very transparent business and offers a lifetime warranty for each of its products and amazing support. It strives to provide the best customer service experience and prides itself on offering only quality made jewelry and engagement rings as well as loose diamonds at wholesale prices. To learn more about American Diamonds' practices and for ordering online, please visit

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