NY Self Defense Course Website Launched

Resist Attacks offers a variety of self defense courses and teachers, as well as fitness options for those who don't want to learn self defense. The courses are economical and do not require travel or classroom time.

Resist Attack and Gordon Patrick are pleased to announce the launch of their new self defense and fitness website. The objective of the courses are to connect clients with a variety of veteran self defense teachers, while also providing fitness options for others who do not care to learn self-defense tactics. The mission of the website is to assist those who cannot afford overpriced self defense classes and those who do not have the time to travel and sit through classes.

According to Gordon Patrick, speaking to an interviewer recently, “Our website is not intended for learning martial arts defense courses, but rather to handle yourself in a situation were real, hardcore, no rules street combat training is required. Our courses are intended to teach you how to fight, so you can easily and quickly defeat, dominate and destroy attackers in a real life confrontation.”

The Street Fight AcademyTM contains techniques and moves which permit a smaller and weaker individual to overcome a larger attacker. The training uses a hybrid fighting system which focuses entirely on real-life street combat and self defense. The techniques are efficient and effective hand-to-hand combat techniques from throughout the world. These techniques have been studied, tested and proven in real-life situations.

When a student wants to learn how to fight using current methods and techniques, he or she will quickly determine that most measures are outdated and not effective in an actual street brawl. The course covers the pre-fight setup, hand-to-hand combat, grappling, ground combat and the aftermath.

The courses can be studied and practiced at home, and are suitable for both men and women. Protection due to self-defense mastery is a good investment in personal safety. There is no need to spend months and years mastering traditional martial arts. Attackers from bullies on the streets to home invaders can be blocked from endangering health and safety.

Contact Info:
Name: Gordon Patrick
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Organization: Resist Attacks
Address: Lexington Ave 60 ST. New York NY
Phone: (347) 263-9205

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