NY Gallery Presents New Arrival of Ancient Coins

Ancient artifact dealer announces arrival of unique collectibles and gifts

Sadigh Gallery, located in Manhattan, is one of the city’s best and well-known galleries, featuring extensive collections ranging from Egyptian statues to their new imports of ancient and collectable coins. Coins are a popular collector’s item due to their small size, material variety, and attention to detail. Sadigh Gallery is please to announce the arrival a new and updated coin collection ready for viewing and purchasing at http://www.sadighgallery.com/new_arrivals.html

Shoppers can expect see a large variety of coins in various sizes at the gallery, all from different eras, different materials, and in different conditions. Some of the most popular are American, Celtic, Holy Land, Asian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. The Gallery, as well as their website, has detailed information and pictures available on coins from these categories as well as many more. According to the gallery “every coin in our collection comes with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity.” Many coins have additional documentation and information about the era it was created.

Sadigh Gallery has not only has an extensive collection of coins for the serious collector, but their blog offers some well-received advice on the care and storage of heirlooms and collectables, so they can continue to be admired by guests and family for generations to come. The gallery suggest glass cases, drawers, trays, mounts, and binders for customer’s precious coins, stating that customers are “literally collecting pieces of history, and caring for that history is essential for the pieces to live on.”

Sadigh Gallery has been in the ancient artifact dealership business for over 30 years. The gallery is located in New York, NY, but for guests who can’t make it there, their website has pictures, details, purchase information, and much more. The gallery will also send a free color catalog of their items to subscribers. The gallery has one of the most extensive coin collections in the nation, not to mention a wide variety of statues, pottery, jewelry, and other ancient artifacts from many cultures. Visit the gallery in New York, or shop online at http://www.sadighgallery.com/ for the perfect addition to any collection.

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Phone: (800)426-2007
Website: http://www.sadighgallery.com/

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