Nuubu Foot Detox Patches - Do They Really Work?

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This new detox method is based on ancient and traditional Japanese wisdom.

Nuubu’s flagship product, the first ever deep cleansing foot pad has various benefits such as aiding in weight loss, relieving fatigue and stress, boosts immunity and helps draw out harmful toxins while sleeping.

Harmful toxins mostly gather in the feet. Nuubu Foot Detox patches use traditional Japanese wisdom to eliminate those toxins from the user’s body. The ingredients activate around 60 acupuncture points in the feet, improving metabolism, blood flow, and general wellness.

After use, Nuubu detox patches should have a black layer of discharge on them. Those are all the toxins that they removed from the body. With frequent use, the discharge should become whiter and whiter until it disappears completely. It is when one knows that their body is cleared of toxins.

Nuubu detox patches have been designed by a team of top specialists in Japanese traditional medicine. The all-natural ingredients have been tested through generations and proven to be the best blend to eliminate harmful toxins. Nuubu is made of natural herbal extracts and negative ions - from bamboo and wood vinegar to vitamin C and tourmaline.

These Detox By Nuubu patches have zero side effects. It can be used regularly and users should feel a huge difference after the first use. Many users agree with the effects of Nubuu Detox patches- "I was surprised with how much toxins it removed. After using it for a week,
the results were unbelievable. I now feel less tired and full of energy. It really helped
me... Buy it! You won't regret it." reviewed a satisfied customer.

Additionally, Dr. Nick, a general practitioner and yoga teacher added “"Modern medicine battles health issues by using chemical substances. Traditional Asian medicine treats and prevents health issues by using the power of nature to remove body toxins. I recommend my patients to use Nuubu as part of a healthy lifestyle. I'm happy to see that 'traditional wisdom' is making a come-back".

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About Nuubu

Nuubu is a detox cure based on a foot patch. It uses herbal extracts and other ingredients to release toxins from the body through the soles of the feet. Nuubu is funded by a well established e-commerce firm specialising in health related products.

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