NutriZing Brings Authentic Japanese Matcha Tea to the UK

UK Consumers can now enjoy 100% organic Matcha tea that’s grown in the shaded tea fields of Japan.

NutriZing, the superfood and nutrition company, has added a new product to its existing product line: Matcha Green Tea.

Speaking on the occasion, NutriZing’s co-founder Sarah Connor said – “We launched this product recognising an increasing demand from consumers for natural, pure and authentic products. We search for ingredients across the world and bring them to the UK.”

Matcha Tea is very popular in traditional Japanese culture for hundreds of years, and now UK consumers can get a taste of it without leaving their homes. NutriZing’s Matcha tea is available for sale on their Amazon page in UK and EU.

It is believed that Matcha tea came to Japan hundreds of years ago, and was popular with monks who drank it to remain alert and yet calm. Matcha tea is also a powerhouse of antioxidants, and is said to be more than 10 times as potent as standard green tea. In addition to producing a calming effect for relaxation, Matcha also boosts metabolism and helps detoxify the body. It contains the amino acid L-theanine that is said to promote a state of relaxation and well-being. For these reasons, matcha tea has grown in popularity as a superfood.

NutriZing’s matcha is powdered in the traditional way using stone mills operated by hand. Ms. Connor said that it takes around an hour to grind just one tin of their tea. She added that “we searched far and wide for an authentic premium grade tea, and finally decided on the tea fields on the southern islands of Japan, where farmers have been cultivating tea leaves for generations. We urge consumers to check the source of tea, as some brands sell Matcha tea that is not actually grown in Japan, which isn’t the authentic variety. Our ceremonial green tea is 100% organic and natural, and we also offer a money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied for any reason”

In addition to drinking the tea on its own in the traditional way, Matcha can also be used in lattes, smoothies, and cakes. NutriZing provides a free recipe book to all customers, that contains the traditional method of making matcha tea, and also recipes for smoothies and baked items.

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