Nutreve Develops Laser Hair Comb To Treat Thinning Hair The 21st Century Way

Nutreve has created an effective hair treatment product that feels at home in the future of technology with its latest laser comb.

Hair loss affects millions of people around the globe, and that includes women. Those suffering from hair loss could have genetic predisposition, alopecia, be undergoing chemotherapy or may simply wish to make their hair thicker and healthier. For these people, it would be easy to be cynical of something called a laser comb, a device that would seem more at home on the Jetsons than in real life. Nutreve however has created the latest and greatest laser comb to redress the effects hair loss; and the only hand-held device using pulsed wave technology.

A spokesperson explained the technology:

“The Nutreve Laser Hair Brush is actually the catalyst of a series of bodily processes in which the side effect is hair growth- the lasers stimulate the production of LHT, which inhibits DHT. DHT in turn inhibits folic acid production and effectively ‘switches off’ hair growth. By blocking the blocker, the path opens up once again for hair to grow.”

The latest incarnation of the product is more powerful than any of its competitors’ products, with 35 true laser diodes creating 171.5mW of power and utilizing pulse wave technology for the first time ever, which increases the overall efficacy of the treatment significantly.

A spokesperson for Nutreve explained, “Hair is extruded strands of dead folic acid bonds, so by using pulse wave laser technology to stimulate the production of folic acid we help our users achieve thicker hair and higher density of active follicles, reversing the effects of hair loss. The product is the most technologically advanced on the market and provides the most comprehensive results of any laser hair loss product. The latest Nutreve Laser Hair Brush is a powerful home remedy as evidenced by the plethora of real cases displayed on our website.”

About Nutreve:
Nutreve was founded in 2005 to develop and market home use hair loss solutions for men and women. Nutreve’s founders have many years experience in the hair loss industry. The company spent four years researching and developing the Nutreve Hair Therapy System to address the needs of men and women struggling with the devastating effects of thinning hair. This comprehensive approach to hair loss addresses both the internal and external factors that affect hair loss.

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