NueDay Announces Release of Incredible New Rubber Band Loom Refill Pack

New kit provides incredible value, includes thousands of top-quality, latex-, BPA-, and lead-free, 100% silicone bands that enable rewarding crafting of colorful bracelets and rings, NueDay reports

NueDay, a producer of high-quality, environmentally conscious, safety-focused craft and other consumer products, announced the release of the company's eagerly-awaited rubber band bracelet loom refill kit. Like the rest of the company's popular products, the new kit was designed around safe, healthful materials and delivers exceptional value to buyers. NueDay is one of the top sellers of a variety of craft, kitchen, and sundry goods on and elsewhere on the Internet and has become known for the company's dedication to unique, high-quality products.

"Our line of rubber band loom products has been a favorite with our fans ever since we introduced it," Nueday representative Grace Landers said, "so we're extremely excited to announce the release of our amazing new refill kit. After listening carefully to what our loyal customers had to say, we've delivered something that is going to make a lot of children very happy." Parents today increasingly recognize the importance of crafts and creative activities in fostering imaginative skills and self-confidence in younger children. As many schools have cut budgets for such activities, however, opportunities for taking part in them have diminished.

NueDay's industry-leading line of rubber band weaving products has been impressively successful for this and other reasons. Consisting of extremely affordable kits that include supplies that are completely lacking in the lead, BPA, chromium, and other potentially dangerous substances found in many competitors' offerings, the kits have proven to be especially safe, affordable, and engaging ways to help children discover the joys of arts and crafts.

So popular have the products been with parents and children, in fact, that NueDay has been virtually flooded with requests for new kits and refills. The just-released new refill kit is one product of NueDay's determination to meet this astonishing demand with responses that exceed the hopes of the company's customers. The new refill kit, for example, contains thousands of specially selected rubber bands in a rainbow of colors that will ensure that children derive even greater enjoyment from the looms that the package provides supplies for.

In addition, NueDay has introduced a number of completely new features with the package that will make enjoying the already popular loom kits even more exciting. The S-clips that are included, for example, make use of a proprietary new production technique that makes them even easier and more fun to work with, while also ensuring that children's creations will hold up well over time. In addition, the 100% silicone bands that make up the bulk of the kit have been tested to work flawlessly with the looms produced by manufacturers other than NueDay, making it the industry's first refill package that can boast of this.

"Rubber band bracelets, rings, and other accessories are incredibly popular with children today," Landers concluded, "and our great new refill kit is the best in the business. We're sure that many kids are going to be smiling and making the most of their imaginations as parents get word of what it has to offer." The just-released new loom refill kit is available, like the rest of NueDay's products, on

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