NPBI Technology elevates indoor air quality standard in Wisconsin senior living facilities; enhanced protection against COVID-19

Copperleaf Senior Living has taken health and safety precautions for COVID-vulnerable residents to the highest level, installing Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology, proven to dramatically reduce airborne pathogens, into all of its Wisconsin assisted living facilities.

All air quality is not created equal. Varying levels of indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on our health; a reality at the forefront of many a mind as we continue living through this unprecedented era of global pandemic.

For the extra vulnerable senior population, clean and sanitized indoor air is even more critical; a fact that Jim and Krista Mendyke, owners and founders of Copperleaf Senior Living, immediately recognized at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our goal is always to provide the very highest level of care, comfort, and safety to our residents. When we were introduced to NPBI technology, we knew this was the necessary next level to ensure the continued health and safety of our residents, as well as our staff members,” said Jim Mendyke. He added, “It was a sizable financial investment, to be sure, but the peace of mind that accompanies that elevated level of protection is unquantifiable.”

Copperleaf has installed this technology into the HVAC systems of all 9 of its senior living facilities throughout Wisconsin, as well as the company’s headquarters in Stevens Point. To ensure the peace of mind Mendyke speaks of is well warranted, indoor air quality is monitored continuously in each location, in real time, with cutting-edge remote monitoring systems by industry-leading Sensedge IAQ.

NPBI is the abbreviation for Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization; proprietary technology developed and patented by Global Plasma Solutions (GPS). This technology works by introducing both positive and negative ions into the air. The ions then attach themselves, by opposite polarity, to airborne particulates and pathogens, making them denser so that they may be more efficiently swept into the HVAC filtration system. NPBI has been proven to significantly reduce the presence of many harmful particulates, pathogens, mold, and even odors. The effect that NPBI has on viruses, however, takes these benefits one step further.

When ions attach to an airborne virus - including the elusive and resistant Human Coronavirus - they disrupt its surface protein structure, effectively rendering the virus ineffective, as well as unable to further replicate itself. In other words, the virus is no longer harmful.

In a controlled study facilitated by third-party scientists, the concentration of COVID-19 virus, specifically, was reduced by 99.4% within just 30 minutes of activating NPBI within the space.

“Bipolar Ionization could be considered one of the greatest weapons we’ve found against the “invisible enemy,” stated Jed Schug of Agape Synergistic Wellness, who facilitated the installation of NPBI for all of Copperleaf Senior Living’s facilities, “It brings the very same purification process that happens outdoors - in nature - to the indoors. Charging the air with ions purifies it. I don’t want to say it’s that simple, but...well, it really is..”

Of what millions still believe to be an uncertain future, Mr. Schug offers optimism. “The more places that utilize GPS’s proven technology, the more confidence the public will have that they can breathe easy,” he said, “...literally.”

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BYLINE: Jenn Finnell is a freelance journalist, passionate about all things Wisconsin; a place she is proud to finally call home, after many years of traveling our beautiful nation. She believes that it’s the people that make a geographical region wonderful & unique, and that introducing new technologies to protect them - especially in these unprecedented times - is essential.

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