Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc Publishes New Carpet Cleaning Care Guide For The Holiday Season

Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc has published a new editorial helping people get the best out of their clean carpets over the holiday season and preserve the clean feeling for longer.

Carpets are one of the most commonly abused luxury items, they provide a soft, warm and comforting feel to a home and yet they are constantly trodden upon, so it is understandable that from time to time carpets need to be cleaned and restored. The problem is that such ubiquitous use may mean cleaning doesn’t last for long. Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc specializes in high quality, deep carpet cleaning and has just published a new guide explaining how to keep carpets clean over the holiday season.

The article ( looks at both home and office carpets which both come under increased stress during the holiday season, and offers some emergency advice on heavy stain and spot stain cleaning to help people minimize the initial damage before calling in the professionals. This can reduce the number of times people need professional cleaning and make it easier and more effective to get a deep clean once the professionals are called.

The guide even includes vacuuming tips to help get a deeper and more effective pull from the vacuum that extracts more dirt and dust than ever, which can leave carpets looking dull and drab even when not stained.

A spokesperson for Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc explained, “We understand that the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for home traffic. Many people host parties and Christmas dinners for themselves, their family and loved ones, and even their business colleagues. This increased footfall can make carpets seem shabbier more quickly than at any other time of year, so we have compiled a host of best practices to help individuals protect their carpets for this busy time of year, and get the best return on their investment from our own carpet cleaning services.”

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