Nova C60 Announces Introduction of Active Acne Cream and Clarifying Cleanser to Product Line

Nova C60 announces the addition of its new Acne Cream and Clarifying Cleanser to its product line.

Nova C60 (, the leading provider of unique health and beauty products, is proud to announce the introduction of its new active Acne Cream and Clarifying Cleanser to its list of available products.

Nova C60's new acne cream and cleanser work together to clean and revitalize the skin, while also treating and eliminating acne and breakouts. The acne cream is approved by Health Canada and delivers time-released acne-fighting salicylic acid to reduce blemishes, re-invigorate the skin, and help to make it look more beautiful.

"Nova C60's acne cream and skin revitalizer also contain the Nobel Prize-winning Fullerene and Lipo Fullerene from Mitsubishi Corporation Japan," says Brad Lawson, owner of Nova C60. "In addition to controlling acne, these products also provide the skin with increased hydration and its anti-oxidants inhibit sebum production and neutrophil infiltration for superior acne-fighting skin care.”

Nova C60’s Acne Cream also has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to control and heal acne, which is an inflammatory response of the skin. Essentially, these properties counteract the swelling and redness of pimples.

“The Clarifying Cleanser, in particular, neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals thanks to its controlled delivery of salicylic acid, which not only reduces existing blemishes, but also invigorates, revitalizes, and beautifies the skin,” explains Lawson. “Because the cleanser maintains a healthy pH level to improve the skin, it won’t irritate your skin or cause inflammation; it will just leave your face feeling refreshed, beautiful, and acne-free.”

“With our mission to offer the best high-quality products to our customers, it's little wonder that we decided to add these two products to our offerings," concludes Lawson.

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