Notebooks & Journal Benefits for Female Entrepreneurs Highlighted by Brand

Pretty Productive owner, Jenelle Amelia, is promoting journaling success for female entrepreneurs and creatives through her line of journals and notebooks meant to inspire women to set goals and achieve them. Amelia recently outlined the many benefits of journaling.

Jenelle Amelia is a creative entrepreneur based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her company, Pretty Productive, is providing journaling success for female entrepreneurs and creatives through the art of journaling. Pretty Productive offers a range of journals and notebooks to inspire creativity and goal setting. “Whether you’re creating a new business plan, brainstorming your next online training or just going grocery shopping, put all those brilliant thoughts between the lines of a journal,” says Jenelle.

“Journaling can provide you with a solid foundation to get your goals off the ground and move your life and your business up to the next level,” adds Jenelle. She recently outlined the benefits that joining the journaling community has to offer:

Recording daily events, thoughts, ideas and feelings about certain experiences or opinions. Keeping thoughts organized makes them more accessible.

Envisioning and setting goals. Writing them in a journal is a good way to monitor progress and continue to focus on the next milestone.

Recording ideas anytime or anywhere in a notebook. Having all ideas in one place makes it easy to revisit ideas later, look for new links, form conclusions or lead to new ideas.

Relieving stress and dealing with emotions. Writing down feelings is a good way to release anxiety, frustration, pain or tension and heal from past hurt.

Self-reflection and self-acceptance. Life can be hectic and full of responsibilities and expectations. Writing is a good way to slow things down and revisit previous events and feelings, see how things change and find positives in life.

Writing helps the brain make connections with information which can boost memory.

Improving your writing and exploring your inner creativity. Letting the imagination run wild can lead to incredible ideas for life and business.

“I have created journals and notebooks for my fellow boss babes. It’s easy, simply wake up, write goals in your Pretty Productive Notebook, slay all goals and repeat,” she enthuses. “By subscribing to the Pretty Productive mailing list you’ll get productivity tips, journal prompts and exclusive offers sent directly to you.”

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