Not In The Dog House Publishes New Features On Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs are all the rage in fashionable circles, and Not In The Dog House has published new features on a range of mixed breed dogs, from the Pomsky to the Shepherd Pit.

Genetic engineering sounds scary, but a version of it has been taking place for hundreds of years under the rather milder title of selective breeding. While this has taken place for all manner of domestic and farm animals, it is nowhere more evident than in man’s best friend: the dog. Breeders have created an astonishing variety of dogs by choosing to breed them for specific traits, and now they are starting to blend these independent breeds into new and original configurations. Not In The Dog House is publishing regular editorials on the latest mixed breeds to help owners stay informed.

Their article on the Pomsky ( a Pomeranian Husky mix, introduces the concept of mixed breed dogs and advice on handling these hybrids, as well as getting specific about the appearance, temperament, energy levels, grooming requirements, overall health and areas of concern for potential owners.

Their article on the Shepherd Pit (, created by interbreeding a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull, follows the same format for easy cross comparison while also providing a deeply informative introduction to this cutting edge mixed breed.

A spokesperson for Not In The Dog House explained, “We are creating these new features because our website is popular with owners and breeders alike, and all like to know about the latest dog breeds to hit the market. These mixed breeds are a relatively recent evolution of breeding practices, finding dogs from different breeds with complementary traits. They are hugely popular because they are novel, and as such can come at a premium. That’s why we give owners advice on finding the right breeder and avoiding potential scams. Armed with this knowledge, they can find the best and newest breeds from the right breeders, and enjoy the new world of mixed breed ownership.”

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