Norell and Nanalysis Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership brings leader in precision NMR tubes together with leader in bench-top NMR spectrometers

Pittcon 2014 ( in Chicago, IL

Calgary, AB / March 7, 2014 / Norell Inc., the world’s top manufacturer of precision NMR tubes, and Nanalysis Corp., the world’s leader in true bench-top NMR spectrometers, have announced a strategic partnership. This partnership supports Nanalysis’ mission to make NMR accessible directly to end-users on the bench and in the field. Serving millions of customers worldwide, Norell makes precision and high throughput NMR tubes and accessories targeted to the specific needs of end-users.

"We have served the NMR community with constant innovation and a commitment to excellence since 1967" said Gregg Norell, CEO, Norell Inc. "I believe that it is time to make NMR spectroscopy more accessible. To do this, we’ve created a simple way for educators in the United States to acquire NMR spectrometers and accessories. We are very excited to be a distributor of Nanalysis’ NMReady in the USA."

Nanalysis and Norell are working together to incorporate NMR into more academic institutions and industrial labs. The goal is for NMR to no longer be a tightly controlled resource available to small groups of end-users. Undergraduate students will now get the chance to gain NMR knowledge with hands-on learning using standard tubes and instrumentation. This topic will be further discussed at ACS in the Division of Chemical Education, March 16, 2014 by Dr. Susanne Riegel from Nanalysis.

"We already ship Norell NMR tubes with every one of our spectrometers, and are excited to formalize this relationship as it builds on our mission to increase accessibility of NMR, and because of Norell’s long standing success in the NMR industry" said Sean Krakiwsky, CEO of Nanalysis Corp. "Norell’s quality products and deep relationships combined with Nanalysis’ world-class engineering and innovation make for a formidable team in the nascent bench-top NMR market. Over the next decade, NMR spectrometers will proliferate on the lab bench, in chemical production, and in the field in much the same way that other instruments such as infrared spectrometers have."

There over 200,000 chemistry labs around the world, and today less than 1000 have NMR spectrometers in them. The opportunity is vast to bring NMR to the chemistry lab, as well as the millions of field offices, mobile lab trucks, and chemical production facilities.

About Norell Inc.
Norell, Inc., who in 1977 pioneered the first high throughput NMR sample tube, made improvements to high precision NMR tubes by introducing the “Select Series” product line which is manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class A glass. Key properties that make this glass type desirable for NMR are its high degree of thermal shock resistance and low expansion coefficient. This allows for a greater margin of safety from breakage when used in variable temperature applications and freeze/thaw cycling, or under any other application where large temperature variations are required in the experiment. Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing proprietary technology. Norell takes NMR tube manufacturing to a new level of science. Contact Norell via their website or via email at or by calling 1-800-519-3688 in North America.

About Nanalysis
Nanalysis’ NMReady spectrometer is the world’s only portable 60 MHz NMR spectrometer. Since the product launch in the fall of 2012, the instrument has been sold in over 10 countries around the world. The NMReady 60 can be carried by one person from lab-to-lab, plugged into standard wall power, and be up and running taking NMR samples in minutes. The instrument requires no liquid cryogens, has no moving parts, and is as safe to use as a laptop computer with no stray fields to affect other instruments, credit cards, or pacemakers. The NMReady’s magnet system, electronics, full networkable touch screen PC and all-in-one sleek enclosure make the NMReady very easy to operate by even the most inexperienced users. Advanced features and standard 5 mm tubes make the instrument also feasible for research as well as industry customers with applications such as reaction monitoring of polymers, antibiotics, and personal products. Contact Nanalysis via their website or via email at or by calling 1-855-NMREADY in North America.

Source: Nanalysis Corp.

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