Noninvasive genetic test for pregnant mothers to check for baby’s health.

Synapse Diagnostics, a Hyderabad based laboratory launched a new genetic blood test for pregnant mothers called Materni T21. Materni T21 PLUS is a highly accurate test for specific chromosome (Genetic) conditions in the baby associated with birth defects. It is conducted on blood collected from the mother as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. Genetic/(Chromosomal/DNA) abnormality in the fetus (baby) such as Downs Syndrome and multiple other defects in the baby can be now detected early in the pregnant mother with this accurate and cutting edge technology. This state of the art genetic (DNA) test uses genome sequencing and provides a clear and precise result which can be easily interpreted by parents and clinicians. It is the only test in the international market that not only detects abnormalities like Downs syndrome but also defects called “Microdeletions”. These are abnormalities that are very hard to detect in a baby and parents and clinicians usually spend years after birth trying to diagnose them. With this advanced test done from the pregnant mother s blood, they can be picked up early in pregnancy.

According to Dr.Samit Sekhar who is the Managing Director for Synapse Diagnostics India, “Down's syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that has always been a part of the human condition, being universally present across racial, gender or socioeconomic lines, and affecting approximately 1 in 800 live births, although there is considerable variation worldwide. Down syndrome usually causes varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability in the baby and associated with various other medical issues”.

Currently doctors do a test from the amniotic fluid (fluid around the fetus) called amniocentesis to look for some disorders in women who are at risk such as those women who have a family history of genetic disorders. This test is done late in pregnancy and has a risk of miscarriage as it is invasive (a needle is used to take the fluid). It also cannot definitively pick up the 'Microdeletions' sometimes. Materni T21 provides a safe alternative for early screening without any invasive procedure or risk of losing the baby. With this technology doctors and parents can now have information very early in the pregnancy and helps to mitigate anxiety associated with more aggressive procedures or even other blood tests which may give probability based results.

The Materni T21 Plus test is developed and validated by Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine? (Sequenom CMM), a CAP accredited and CLIA-certified molecular diagnostics laboratory based in San Diego, USA.

Synapse is a Medical Laboratory chain with strategic focus on development, validation and implementation of reference technologies providing unique products and solutions that can better the nature of conventional healthcare services. Headquartered in Malaysia & now at Hyderabad, Synapse Laboratory provides unique medical testing services to hospitals and Medical Centres and clinics. With a goal to improve maternal and infant health outcomes of pregnancy, Synapse Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has brought this technology benefit for to India.

The launch was attended by Dr. Rachna Kairon, MD Medical director, Dr Samit Sekhar, Managing Director Synapse and a team from Sequenom, Mr Steve Quinn General manager Commercial Operations and Mr Marcos Gonzales Marketing & Medical Liaison. Synapse Diagnostics provides this test to clinics all over India.

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