Non-Profit Creates New Financial Reset System To Help Home Buyers In 2021

A South Florida non-profit has taken action and created an easy to follow, step-by-step professional system for individuals fighting financial and credit issues caused by the 2020 economic shutdown while helping At-risk youth and the homeless at the same time.

With only a few weeks left in the year, Americans are looking forward to a fresh start and to leaving 2020 a blurred memory in the rear-view mirror. When the country shut-down banks began changing guidelines over-night on how they qualify an applicant, and thousands of families were left in the cold holding on to a homeowners dream deferred. Lenders like JPMorgan Chase and Co, and Wells Fargo and Co raised their qualifying credit scores, and changed their income and down payment criteria, leaving the new lending world not as welcoming to the dreams of homeownership as it had been before the nation shutdown.

Help arrives for those struggling with post shutdown credit and financial issues on November 20th, 2020. Kingdom Financial Academy (a Florida Non-Profit) launches their "Financial Reset System", an efficient, effective, and easy-to-follow system that helps individuals and families take authority over their finances, and navigate the home-buying process like a professional.

Daniel Shalach, the co-founder of Kingdom Financial Academy (KFA), a non-profit online financial literacy school, partnered with Shasta Baker, a Miami-based Money Management Educator and Samantha Quiñones a Millennial Financial Coach to help those who want to buy a home but were affected by the pandemic.

“This system has its genesis in Love. You see, everyone came to me with the same questions and concerns when the country shutdown. Many had lost jobs, loan approvals, dreams and even loved ones. It hurt us that the very people we were fighting for…were hurting. So, we kept helping people after they could not pay…pro-bono. All welcomed it and some felt badly and asked us to teach them what to do so they could help. I realized it would be easier to create a system they can learn from and not have to pay a monthly fee to us or anyone ever again. On the surface it looks counter-productive from a business point of view, but In today’s world, it is not about "how do I feed myself", but " how do I help feed the community" that matters. If we all thought like this we would all be successful.” Shalach said.

Our Financial Reset System is greatly needed because studies show that in 2020 64% of Americans are financially illiterate and the those looking to buy a home should be aware how needed this literacy is. National Association of Realtors Said: "Homeownership is one of several means of building wealth, but owning a home takes financial preparation in terms of building up savings and developing creditworthiness. Financial literacy is an important determinant of homeownership because it affects savings behavior. If parents do not teach the right values and skills, we can see some of the reasons why it is difficult for adult children to make strides in making sound financial decisions, including purchasing a home."

" When Daniel asked me to partner with him I did not hesitate. As a financial coach I know the damage caused when there are no systems in place for emergencies. People tend to turn to their savings and 401K plans and cash them out. Then they have zero money and zero ideas, leaving them worse then when the emergency started. All the while, children are watching how their parents handle their finances and studies show, when they get older they will emulate the same attitudes and habits towards money, creating a cycle of unpreparedness due to financial illiteracy. " Quiñones stated.

The "Financial Reset System" was designed to help anyone - from the novice to the seasoned consumer - from the millennial to the centennial discover how to master their finances completely. The system is a trifecta for those needing to reset their finances, their credit, or buy a home. Built on the same financial literacy platform used by fortune 500 companies like Verizon, AmeriCorps, and ironically Wells Fargo they focus on:

• Credit (building, restoring, and qualifying)
• Financial Literacy (budgeting, planning, family,)
• Homebuying and the homebuying process

What makes this system so different?

Because the pandemic has increased the rate of homelessness and is expected to rise once the hold on evictions lift, KFA is partnering with several other non-profit organizations and homeless shelters in South Florida to teach financial literacy to two specific underserved groups who will be taught how to gain control of their finances, master their credit and move on with dignity and respect.

• The first group is at-risk youth 18-24 who find themselves homeless because they have aged out of foster
care and have no one to take them in.
• The second group are adults who may have found themselves homeless due to situations beyond their
control (job loss, illness, death of loved one).

Each "Financial Reset System" purchased in turn provides the monies for materials and resources to teach three other families or individuals in the aforementioned groups. So, this will be one case where people are actually helping others, when they help themselves. The end goal is to help each person who purchases a Financial Reset System become home buying ready by becoming money and credit literate. Hopefully, the homeless individuals who received the free help, can some day get into a home they can call their own as well.
It is truly a win-win.

"While the course itself is priceless, we are doing it in a way that this holiday season Americans can help themselves and be a blessing to others at the same time. As a single mom, I remember when I had no idea what a budget was or how to use one, now I am ruthless with my money and credit and it shows in mine and my daughter's lifestyle." Baker shared.

The need for this type of "Financial Reset" is greater now than ever before and even thought the launch is on November 20th, 2020 they already have over 120 preorders thanks to family and friends of homeless individuals who have chosen this holiday season to give back.

To learn more visit here >>> Financial Reset System.

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Organization: Kingdom Financial Academy (Florida Non-Profit)
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