Noi that van phong Piron Launches New Collection Of Cheap Office Furniture

Noi that van phong Piron has revolutionized the furniture market in Vietnam by introducing furniture with Ergonomic Design and Maximized Utility. That does away with the need for artificial décor.

Noi that van phong Piron launches a new collection of state-of-the-art office furniture which would enormously reduce the clutter in the working place. Piron believes that the office space is where a business organization gives a physical manifestation to their ideas, that is, the office space must reflect the personality of the organization. As such, they have prioritized two aspects while designing their new exhibit of furniture - efficiency and style.

An office requires a wide range of furniture, first and foremost for stacking their piles of papers and documents. Piron has accordingly come up with economically designed cabinets that have a maximum holding capacity but they are built to occupy space vertically and to make maximum use of their surface area. This notably reduces the floor space occupied by the storing cabinets, and besides the new designs are influenced by an urban taste, they look edgy, fancy, and add their own personality to the office space.

Their other range of products includes chairs and desks, which are imperative for every office. When asked about their motivation behind the new designs, the company spokesperson said, “Employees spend several hours in the office setting and working from their chair. As we can see these days, this is leading to an increasing number of health issues like spondylitis. We wanted to come up with a design that would prevent these problems, we wanted to offer an overall healthier alternative, so we have designed our office chair collection in such a way that the chairs would be extremely comfortable to work from for hours, and their efficient structure would fight health hazards.”

Indeed, their user-oriented approach is quite unique and laudable. View here

Another member of the designing team pointed out, “Piron is also offering a wide variety of furniture to decorate the lounge or reception areas of the offices. These are the spaces where visitors are entertained and the aura of these spaces creates an impression of the company as a whole. Keeping this in mind, Piron has come up with variations of furniture that are chic, sophisticated, and can impart the desired look to an office space.”

Piron takes care of every aspect of the office space and what is more incredible is that they try to make their product environment-friendly. With their ambitious approach, they are setting goals for other furniture manufacturers.

About the company:
Noi that van phong Piron has been manufacturing and selling furniture for several years and now their products can also be ordered online. They expertise in office furniture and office decor while they also produce household furniture. Innovative as they are, they keep improving their designs to ensure they are making the best use of modern technology to provide maximum comfort and utility to users.

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