No Regrets Personal Training Release Kit To Overcome Piriformis Syndrome

Based off years of research and practical application, the Quick Start Piriformis Syndrome Tool Kit has been designed to address this debilitating issue. Soon to be released by No Regrets Personal Training, the video and eBook set outlines easy to follow stretches, mobilisation techniques and stability exercises that can easily be performed at home.

The Piriformis is a muscle that lies deep within the buttocks, covered by the gluteal muscles, otherwise known as your bottom. Its purpose is to externally rotate the hip when extended, and abduct the hip when it is flexed. When the Piriformis is overworked, it begins to thicken and shorten.  Due to its close proximity to the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body and originating from the spinal cord, an inflamed & aggravated Piriformis muscle can compress this vital nerve, causing havoc around the body.

Symptoms include a deep aching pain within the buttocks, sharp nerve pain that extends along the rear thigh, numbness and tingling through the calf and toes along with lower back pain that can worsen after prolonged sitting.

No Regrets Personal Training Owner/Operator, Nick Jack, said inflammation to the Piriformis can have a major impact on a person’s livelihood and that the kit focuses on functional movements, rather than extreme measures such as surgery, to help manage and overcome this complex yet common problem.

“It can result in significant discomfort with the simplest tasks such as a sitting, walking up stairs and running becoming unbearable. This can have a profound effect on the quality of everyday life.”

“There is a misconception in the wider community that invasive surgery and medical drugs are normal solutions for dealing with Piriformis pain. We have been taught in today’s modern world to treat symptoms. What we must recognize is that in most cases this condition is the result of poor posture, overuse and repetitive movements. This Quick Start Guide aims to show people the power of a proper rehabilitation program,” Mr. Jack said.

“As a CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Practitioner and Personal Trainer for over 10 years, I have seen numerous clients who were in immense pain and struggling to participate in day to day life who have gone on to live pain free by simply addressing the root cause of their problem. We must become more educated about how to apply good principles of health using a proven formula of strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to prevent injury and overcome chronic pain,” explains Mr. Jack.

Inspired by the inspirational results from clients at No Regrets Personal Training and those who have followed the step-by-step instructions in Mr. Jack’s Piriformis YouTube video, the Quick Start Piriformis Syndrome Tool Kit is a comprehensive program to help people from all around the world to get on top of their pain in the comfort of their own home. Available for immediate download, the kit features a comprehensive 60 minute video, a 60 page eBook with detailed instructions, pictures, a recovery program and nutrition plan.

The recovery program looks into the fundamentals of a well-structured rehabilitation program including establishing what repetitive movements may be causing the condition, assessing posture and flexibility imbalances, proper stretching, isolated strength and integrated strength training.

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