No More Excuses For Poor Management Of End-Of-Life (EOL) Solar Panels. Solar Recovery Corporation Is Now Collecting EOL Panels.

Solar Recovery Corporation has delightfully commenced business of collecting solar panels to create a true circular economy within the industry.

Solar Recovery Corporation is using world’s best technology to fully recover valuable materials from end-of-life solar photovoltaic panels and to facilitating the production of new, high value products from the recovered materials. Facilities in Biloela and Townsville are now accepting panels for collection, SRC will establish materials recovery technology in coming months at both locations. Additionally, the SRC road map has identified solar panel collection centres to be established in South East Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in coming weeks, with the same model approach being used as has been implemented and refined in Townsville and Biloela.


Victoria has banned solar panels from landfill with strong focus on General Environmental Duty (GED), which requires all Victorians to be responsible for protecting the environment and human health, many other jurisdictions are prohibiting e-waste, including solar panels, from being disposed of in landfill facilities, more will follow soon.

There is a requirement for a chain of custody records for reporting the flow of end-of-life Solar PV Panels from the business site, to a lawful place for processing and the destination for recovered materials.

SRC has launched a drop off portal to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, present and future.


Rob Gell director of sustainability & alliances, says: “Throughout these regions SRC will provide a wealth of employment opportunities, training and education for industry and non-industry employees, financial activation for regional communities. In our first fortnight of collections there has been an overwhelming response from Industry bodies inclusive of State and Federal Governments National and local councils and general Solar Installation organisations” The panels’ recovered materials will be made available for repurpose into a range of manufacturing streams, which will reduce CO2 emissions, the need for virgin minerals, and provide a circular economy solution for Australia’s growing panel waste problem.


SRC patented technology is purposely built to only recover materials from end-of-life PV panels and does not use manual dismantling, shredding, pyrolysis, thermal, crushing or hydrometallurgy.

When compared to the more conventional thermo-chemical methods offers many advantages :

  • No environmental impact
  • Recycle all type of solar PV panels
  • Fully recover all materials from solar PV panels
  • Quality of recovered materials

Solar Recovery Corporation provides competitive pricing and a complete management process . The portal can be accessed via SRC website :

For further information please feel free to contact to contact the Public Relations team

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