Nirogam India Partners With Tier One National To Promote Ayurvedic Supplements

Brand Experts Tier One National partners with Nirogram India to help raise a media buzz over natural supplements from India

Nirogam India Private Limited, a renown international business, has paired up with experienced project management team Tier One National, a brand management specialist, to promote their line of organic food products and Ayurvedic supplements. This campaign will include publicity, manual outreach and social buzz according to Tier One National.

Simon Harris, spokesperson of Tier One National explained Nirogam India's Success Story. "In the US alone, the use of complementary and alternative medicines has grown by leaps and bounds, with almost 40% of adults 18 and over using some form of CAM. We are excited to partner with Nirogam India Pvt. Ltd because they purchase their products from reliable market vendors who make sure that products are processed using pure and hygienic ingredients. In addition, these products adhere to the international quality norms of the industry. Many stringent tests of various parameters are conducted to ensure that the products are hygienically processed and cause no harmful side-effects to its users.

Director of Nirogam India Private Limited, Puneet Aggarwal concurred, saying, "Buying Ayurvedic products online is growing in popularity because Ayurveda treats medical problems from the root itself. Ayurveda, it is claimed, treats the individual and not the illness, whereas, modern medicine suppresses the symptoms of medical conditions. Born in India, the goal of this alternative system of medicine is to prevent illnesses, to heal the sick and to ensure longevity."

Adults spent $33.9 billion out-of-pocket on visits to alternative practitioners and purchases of alternative medicinal products, classes, and materials per year, according to the National Institute on Health statistics, suggesting the public's embracing of alternative medications for treating ailments. Aggarwal feels the reason for this is simple. "Even with advanced modern medical technology, the public opinion is leaning towards the natural and the organic. With ever gaining popularity, herbal supplements have conquered the hearts of both the sick and the healthy. It has turned out so because medicinal drugs offer only symptomatic and temporary relief and they're so very expensive. Herbal alternatives, however, are seen as natural, have less side effects, are considered safer for children and are time tested and traditional."

About Nirogam India Private Limited:
Nirogam India Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for retailing, supplying and exporting Ayurvedic Herbal Products. Their herbal supplements and Ayurvedic medicines have gained large followings in India and worldwide markets including the USA and UK due to their purity, accurate composition and the unmistakable natural ability to cure ailments and diseases. The consumption of these Ayurvedic products help to reduce unnecessary suffering in its users and enable a healthy and long life. Through herbal products, which are both safe and effective, customers all around the world can experience the health benefits of Ayurveda, an ancient science originating in India.

About Tier One National:
Tier One National helps online brands extend their brands both nationally and internationally. They use media channels as well as manual outreach to enhance brand penetration and influence within their target market.

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