Nikki Ferguson Launches ‘Must Read’ Weight Loss Book For Moms

Lifestyle changes emphasizing nutrition, fitness keys to success

A new must-read book by Nikki Ferguson, a wife and mother of two, aims to inspire mothers to live confident, comfortable, healthy, and fit lives.

In Better After Baby, Ferguson shares her inspirational story of how she lost over 45 pounds following back-to-back pregnancies and has successfully kept the weight off. With fad diets a thing of the past, her approach to weight loss focuses on lifestyle changes that emphasize nutrition and fitness.

Ferguson details her exact system in Better After Baby, from her workouts to the easy meals she prepares for her family. The book also includes some of her recipes.

Most importantly, she shares the mindset needed to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good.

“People always ask what I did and how I did it. From my research I found a lot of people share their before and after, but they didn’t share what they did,” Ferguson said. “I want to let people know that reaching your health and fitness goals isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t have to be unpleasant. With a little mindfulness, we can eat foods that we love in moderation and move in ways we enjoy to reach our fitness goals.”

Better After Baby is available in paperback or as an eBook on and through her website,

Ferguson’s transformation began during her second pregnancy and entailed countless hours reading articles on weight loss, resistance training and post-natal fitness. She also engaged with women and mothers on social media who shared the same goal of transforming their bodies through nutrition and exercise.

“For years I struggled with weight and body image issues and I didn't want to pass that on to my kids,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson knew the traditional fad diets she had used in the past hadn’t worked, and was determined to make better lifestyle choices to get her body in the best shape ever prior to her 30th birthday.

Better After Baby chronicles her journey that began with a 90-day fitness challenge at a gym she joined shortly after her second child was born. Her daughter was 18 months old and her son was three months old at the time. While her resistance training and cardio program began shaping and toning her body, she found that nutrition was the key to actually losing the weight.

Now as a stay-at-home mother of two with a well-planned fitness and nutrition regimen in place, she finds escaping to the gym is a perfect time to step away and recharge to focus on herself and her goals, she said.

“I want to inspire women, especially moms, to know it's never too late to live a healthy, fit life they love,” Ferguson said. “As moms we're often the leaders of health in our homes, and it's up to us to lead by example.”

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