Nigerian Newspaper the Nation Expands News Bureaus Throughout Country

Move will further amplify, deepen already top levels of coverage.

Leading Nigerian newspaper the Nation today announced the expansion of a number of its bureaus across the country. Long known for providing the deepest, most truly national coverage of Nigeria's affairs, the newspaper's recent move was made in response to the growing importance of events occurring outside of the country's largest economic and population centers. In particular, it has directed new resources to its bureau responsible for reporting from Borno State, a region prominent in international news lately because of the activities of the Boko Haram insurgent group.

"Here at the Nation, we are dedicated to serving Nigeria itself," representative Meekness Bolarinwa stated, "which means reporting from the entirety of our beloved country, not just Lagos and Abuja. Our national coverage is already the best in Nigeria, and we are committed to making it even stronger." Boko Haram has attracted attention from news organizations in other countries in recent times after a string of high-profile acts of kidnapping and violence. The Nation's coverage of a recent abduction of over 100 school-aged girls from a small town in northeastern Nigeria was among the deepest and most substantial available anywhere, a fact remarked upon by a number of European and American news outlets.

Located in West Africa, Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the world. It is also an economic leader among its sub-Saharan African peers, with well-developed infrastructure and abundant natural resources. The country supplies over ten percent of the petroleum used by world-leading consumer the United States and is one of Africa's technological leaders, having launched a number of its own satellites. The Nation is one of the top providers of Nigeria latest news and is available in cities and towns across the large country, a contrast to many of its competitors, which focus more on particular urban markets.

Tensions between roughly equally sized Christian and Muslim populations in the country have plagued it for some time. Few other news organizations in Nigeria have provided the kind of in-depth coverage of the largely Muslim northern parts of the country that the Nation has contributed, and this has made it a leader in reporting the latest of activities of Boko Haram and associated factions. "Throughout her troubles," Bolarinwa continued, "Nigeria remains a strong, vital country. Our reporting has helped, and will continue to help, both Nigerians and those from elsewhere understand the issues facing us."

The newspaper's website, the Nation Online, is the leading web-based source of in-depth coverage of breaking news from Nigeria. Maintained by a staff of professional webmasters, it is among the most reliable and highly available Nigerian newspapers online. The online version of the paper reflects the vast majority of the content available in the printed issues available in Nigeria and is augmented with supplements and special reporting designed to appeal to Internet visitors.

One of Nigeria's leading newspapers, the Nation provides in-depth, objective reporting from around the country both in print and online. With an extensive network of news-gathering and -reporting bureaus located around the country, it is the most truly national of Nigeria's news organizations.

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