Nielsen Law Group discusses Tax Law and IRS Issues

Evan Nielsen of the Arizona-based Nielsen Law Group discusses the particulars of tax law and touches on resolving issues with the Internal Revenue Service

Tax law is one of the more complicated aspects of the law practice, and Evan Nielsen of the Nielsen Law Group should know. As an experienced tax attorney, Evan understands how important it is to have the expertise of a seasoned tax law professional when dealing with IRS issues and the complexities of the Federal Tax Code. There are many provisions in the Tax Code that may benefit people, but aren’t well-known, clear, or understood by the layman. The intricacies of these provisions require the deft touch and experience of a licensed tax attorney to get the maximum benefit. “There’s more to taxes than just preparing a return,” says Evan Nielsen. “It is crucial to have the right structures and the right tax strategy in place in order to avoid paying too much in personal or business taxes.” To learn more about these specialized services, visit

Protecting taxpayer rights is something that the Nielsen Law Group takes very seriously. The attorneys on staff at the Firm have come from a broad range of legal and business experiences, giving them the skills to understand the complexities involved in IRS issues. Litigation, tax, and business expertise comes in handy when navigating the turbid waters of the United States Tax Code, and it’s all in a day’s work for the lawyers at the firm. These skills protect clients from excessive tax liability, and in many cases have resulted in IRS penalties being waived. Throughout any litigation process, the Nielsen Law Group treats its clients with the utmost respect, helping them to understand every step.

The Nielsen Law Group has developed a reputation over the years for its excellence in the tax law and business law fields. The Firm has handled very complex business formation and debt resolution cases, with Evan able to resolve many thousands of dollars in tax deficiency liability for a fraction of what the IRS wanted. In addition to practicing tax law and corporate structuring cases, he has prepared thousands of personal and business tax returns for his clients. These returns resulted in tremendous tax savings due to Evan’s impeccable understanding of the Tax Code.

About: Headquartered in Arizona, the Nielsen Law Group specializes in tax law, Chapters 7 & 13 Bankruptcy, Corporate Structuring, and many other aspects of financial law. With many years of experience in these disciplines, the Firm has developed a reputation for excellence and success. The Nielsen Law Group is centered on core values of courtesy, integrity, and solid results for their many clients.

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