Nick Zizi releases new bestseller to teach how to succeed on campus and beyond

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2-time bestselling author and Motivational Speaker, Nick Zizi, releases "Succeed Like A Zebra College Guide," where he provides 30 Ways To Achieve College Success

Nick Zizi is a motivational speaker and author that has dedicated his life to helping students to unleash their zebra by providing them with the necessary tools to go from Z to A so that they can be confident leaders. In the same vein, Nick has released another bestseller titled "Succeed Like A Zebra College Guide," offering college students and other such readers tested and proven ways of succeeding not only in college but beyond the campus.

Being in college is one of the most important stages of life for any individual as it often shapes how the future of a person will look like. Unfortunately, many students and even teachers tend to pay attention to succeeding in college at the detriment of their life after graduation. Many of the available self-help books also fail to address this issue effectively. This is where Nick Zizi is looking to make a difference with his recently launched book.

Over the years, Nick has been able to develop a blueprint that has helped thousands of people unleash their zebras. He calls it the ZEBRA Method™ for Success. It is Z.E.B.R.A., which stands for: Zero In, Extract Value, Behave As If, Read and Attach to success. He has used the same principles in authoring "Succeed Like A Zebra College Guide."

Described as the "ULTIMATE STUDENT SUCCESS GUIDE," the book address several challenges faced by students. Some of the subjects addressed include finding the right college, deciding on a collage major, getting financial assistance, and efficient and effective study management. Other topics covered in the book are landing important internships, graduating with a strong network of supporters, and carving out a future career while in college.

As an expert in the student success niche, the Z-coach as Nick is also called has spoken at a TEDx Conference. He is also the founder of two successful companies and the creator and host of an annual Youth Empowerment Seminar held in Miami to help teens succeed in school, careers, and leadership.

"Succeed Like A Zebra College Guide" is currently available on Amazon for interested buyers across the globe.

More information about the book and other projects from Nick Zizi can be found on his website.

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Nick Zizi Enterprises Inc. was founded by Nick Zizi, a youth development expert, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. Nick is on a mission to help students unleash their zebra, using his wealth of experience and knowledge to provide them with the necessary resource to make a transition from being a successful student to a responsible member of the society.

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