Nick Kohlschreiber Speaks to Benefits of Multichannel Internet Marketing

Multi-channel internet marketing does come with certain challenges.

Revolutionary InfoTech luminary Nick Kohlschreiber, a California-based entrepreneur, has built his innovative media agency enterprise by recognizing and adapting to key technological trends and frameworks within his operational model. One such catalyst for success is multi-channel internet marketing (also known as ‘cross-channel marketing’), a strategy he describes as crucial for any business venture operating within today’s digital landscape.

The principle of this approach is straightforward—provide your customers with as many choices as possible when it comes to accessing information about your product, generating optimised conversion rates as an end result. Communicating to your target audience should involve direct and indirect channels such as email, retail, website, direct mail, mobile and pay-per-click, implemented in real-time and responsive to shifting needs and market climates. Campaign managers now have a rapidly expanding set of digital tools (automation applications include but are not limited to: Marketo, Salesforce’s Pardot or Oracle’s Eloqua) designed to facilitate this task, importantly offering analytical feedback providing insight into effective or ineffective strategies.

Multi-channel internet marketing does come with certain challenges, it requires finding the right mix of channels; consideration of cost per acquisitions; appropriately targeted messaging; effectively choreographed campaigns; and customer touch point monitoring. As a specialist in the field, Nick Kohlschreiber provides his clients with a balanced approach, critical for many small-to-medium businesses that lack the know-how or infrastructure to effectively mount a successful marketing strategy.

A think piece produced by Adobe Digital Insights reveals that many businesses have still not integrated a cross-channel framework, despite understanding the clear benefits. In fact, there has been a noted decline in usage as observed in a study of respondents between 2013-2015. For those who have begun to use the available technology, it becomes increasingly important to develop a deep understanding of customer’s journey in order to apply digital marketing toolset appropriately. The aforementioned study highlights that “only 17% of organisations indicate they are fully capable of analysing their customers’ journeys”. Notably, over half of the surveyed companies who use tools effectively are “usually” or “always” hitting their financial targets.

Nick Kohlschreiber is a keen advocate of harnessing the power of technology to enhance and expand a business’ reach and influence and urges his staff and clients to “Think Big, Go Far”. Originally from New Jersey, he has been based in southern California since 2004. Having studied business administration, he went on to found his first successful company in the solar energy sector and has since expanded multiple ventures with responsibilities to a broad network of internal and external shareholders. Kohlschreiber regularly contributes to the advancement of digital entrepreneurship, through the sharing of insights into marketing and tech strategy and recently launched a proprietary social media monetization platform designed to help his clients gain online visibility. For more news and updates, interested parties can visit his news site, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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