Nicholas Harris Launches New Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Course On Udemy

Nicholas Harris, a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, has created a new hypnotherapy course for weight loss on the online education marketplace Udemy.

Clinical Hypnosis is an effective therapy for treating a variety of psychological conditions. It is best known for helping people stop smoking, build confidence and treat a range of anxiety related disorders. Most recently, innovations in the approach have led to an increasing number of practitioners using it to help clients lose weight. After much success in this endeavor, clinical hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris has released an online course in hypnotherapy for weight loss on the educational platform Udemy.

The Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss course is equivalent to a complete program of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight loss - offering students an affordable way to lose weight in the comfort of their own home. The path to real and sustainable weight loss is to improve the relationship with food, motivation to exercise and emotional confidence and security. The course addresses all of these.

The program is available on Udemy and as such has a video introduction, a free preview and affordable price tag, with instant access to all the materials as well as a plethora of positive comments and reviews left by previous students. The program comes with Apple and Android versions, lifetime access and a thirty day money back guarantee, with fifty four lectures and five hours of video content.

A spokesperson for Nicholas Harris explained, “Weight is an indication of one’s relationship with life. Thought is actually a creative process. Clinical hypnosis creates state of consciousness in which it is possible to access the deepest levels of the mind and gain control of that creative process, changing the narrative to one that is more active and empowered. Harris does this beautifully through a series of guided meditations and associated materials and exercises, helping people create real lasting change for themselves, for life.”

About Nicholas Harris: Nicholas Harris is a Master of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. With over 15 years of experience assisting people with the art of personal change, Nick helps his clients to make changes in their lives by making changes in the mind. Having held clinical practice in The Netherlands, Ireland, India and Thailand, Nick has helped thousands of people with the art of personal change.

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