Nichelous Releases His Reggae Album “Balance” For Reggae Lovers Across The World

The Jamaican artist is proud of the release of his new album entitled “BALANCE”.

The Jamaican artist is proud of the release of his new album entitled “BALANCE”. The album was released on April 15, 2019, to stimulate the heart of Reggae lovers across the world.

Nichelous, an artist, singer/songwriter is proud to announce the release of his new highly anticipated reggae album titled “BALANCE”. The album was released on April 15, 2019, this latest Reggae album will truly live up to its name. Nichelous delivers a piece of characteristic reggae music, where each track stands on its own, showing the creative capability of the popular reggae singer. 

Nichelous is a popular reggae singer who has made Positive Reggae music a passion that has influenced every facet of his daily life. For the reggae singer, songwriter, reggae music is a tool to spread peace, love, and passion across the world. Nichelous hails from Spanish town, a place with rich musical heritage and musical diversity. As a reggae singer, songwriter, and internationally recognized artist, Nichelous’ sings and writes from his heart to send a message to the world. In his songs, he deals with pressing life issues which involve racial, mental, and physical bondage which has deprived many especially the youths of their ability to live a purposeful and inspired life.

It's not just the expressive and powerful voice that has made Nichelous such a fine musician. His songs, which seeks to maintain the authenticity, soulful heartbeat type reggae music appeal shows that he knows his way around that music genre. The most impressive thing about him is that he puts his soul into every reggae note he plays and sings.Nichelous draws his inspiration from reggae icons like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnet Silk, Richie Spice, and Buju Banton. Notable for his thought-provoking and relatable songs with a rich blend of striking melodies, Nichelous is one of the greatest hopes for the reggae survival in the new reggae dancehall era. An incredibly talented singer and music maker, his passion is deeply influenced by every aspect of his daily life. Most importantly, he seeks to stay unique in his craft, continuously giving the world an inspired reggae music sensation.

The Reggae album “BALANCE” is the apex of his musical journey and the end result of something truly noteworthy. In the album, each track has been arranged carefully with perfect timing and lyrical content to feature carefully crafted songs/ live instrumental for a unique and immersive experience. This astounding delivery is the result of years of hard work of a brilliant singer.“BALANCE” is available online worldwide and also on his website, itunes ,amazon, spotify, and all major digital distribution platforms. For more information on Nichelous, and his new reggae album “BALANCE” and any other information, check out or his YouTube Channel or @nichelous7.

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