Niche Pharmaceuticals Debuts Powerful Magnesium Supplement.

Niche Pharmaceutics Inc., a company located in Southlake, Texas has just announced the availability of a magnesium supplement that could provide endless benefits to many consumers. Magnesium is a mineral in the body that is essential to proper functioning and health. It is important to maintain high levels of magnesium in order to have normal blood pressure, strong bones, and a healthy heart. This is because magnesium is a positively charged ion that contributes to the proper functioning of the human heart and muscular system. About 60% of magnesium is found in the bones and teeth; the remainder is found in muscle tissue.

Many Americans are not consuming the necessary amount of this mineral. A magnesium deficiency can contribute to some serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Side effects of a magnesium deficiency can include: body aches, fatigue, leg cramps, migraines, menstrual cramps, and even insulin resistance. Many people also begin to suffer from a poor carbohydrate metabolism and insomnia. Fortunately, magnesium supplements are available to help those who are unable to consume an appropriate amount. In Fact, Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. has announced the availability of Mag-Tab-SR (Magnesium L-lactate dehydrate).

Mag-Tab-SR contains 84 mg of elemental magnesium. Four tablets a day provide consumers with 336 mg of magnesium, which meets USRDA specific guidelines. In clinical studies, Mag-Tab-SR was proven to be more bio-available and have a higher absorption rate than other magnesium supplements. When compared to other alternatives, Mag-Tab-SR requires fewer pills and has less irritable side effects.

Consumers are already getting very excited about the Mag-Tab-SR magnesium supplement by Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. This product and company both have a five-star rating on Amazon, although the best way to order this product is directly through the company. This established company is offering this powerful product at a very reasonable rate. For consumers needing more magnesium in their diet to increase their overall health, this product is a win-win, delivering excellent results and satisfaction.

About Niche Pharmaceuticals

Niche Pharmaceuticals is located in Southlake, TX and specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of OTC and proprietary products. This private company was founded in 1991. More information about the company and about magnesium supplements and deficiency can be found on the company's website.

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