NHV Natural Pet Products Launches Newly Redesigned Website For Customer Support

NHV Natural Pet Products provider of all natural supplements for pet care launches redesigned intuitive website.

Statistics reveal liver disease is the fifth leading cause of death among canines. Contributing factors to this illness include frequent exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals, chronic dental conditions and prolonged use of steroids, parasite control medications and antibiotics. Current studies indicate natural treatments, as opposed to synthetic drugs, are more effective in treating canine liver disease as the liver is responsible for processing medications entering the body. Due to the decreased liver function accompanying such ailments, canines are unable to reap the full benefits of non-natural medications. Natural supplements have been proven to have a positive impact on canine liver disorders. In an effort to more efficiently help pet owners provide their beloved animals with all natural treatments for a number of health problems, NHV Natural Pet Products has launched a new, more user friendly website.

Petra, spokesperson for NHV Natural Pet Products, affirmed, "Dogs with liver disease exhibit greater than normal vomiting and diarrhea, changes in urinary habits, extreme thirst, withdrawal, fatigue, aimless pacing and swollen belly. Milk Thistle For Dogs has been instrumental in the treatment of canine liver disease. This extraordinary, natural milk thistle extract removes environmental toxins from dogs' bloodstreams, much like a normally functioning liver would; in addition, it helps prevent toxins from being able to enter liver cells. It also assists in slowing the onset of liver cirrhosis and actually helps the liver to regenerate itself. Unlike many conventional medications, milk thistle is safe for long term use and will not cause further damage to the liver. No other medication currently on the market provides the same benefits as milk thistle."

"All of our products and supplements are made with 100 percent natural ingredients and formulated by a master herbalist and a holistic veterinarian with more than 20 year of experience in developing plant-based remedies," Petra continued, "Made with the finest organically grown or ethically harvested herbs, and manufactured with vegetable-based glycerin, they are all free of additives and preservatives. Besides our milk thistle supplements, we offer a number of other natural remedies for both dogs and cats. We carry an extensive line of canine products including ES Clear for cancer and overall immune support, Resp-Aid for coughs and respiratory infections, Tripsy for kidney and urinary disorders and Supraglan for adrenal dysfunction, Cushing's and Addison's disease. We offer milk thistle and Tripsy for the feline population, as well as Mellit for feline diabetes mellitis and pancreatitis, Plantaeris for diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome and Resthyro for hyperthyroidism."

Petra went on to say, "With our newly designed, more user friendly website, we hope to make it easier than ever for our customers to find the Natural Pet Care supplements they need for the health of their pets. For those who need assistance with deciding which products their pet may need, we now offer live help from our staff of experts."

About NHV Natural Pet Products:
The staff of NHV Natural Pet Products believes in supporting pet health through the use of vet formulated herbal solutions designed to promote well being and stimulate healing. They ensure all their products are manufactured in their state of the art production facility under stringent guidelines. They strive to produce supplements their customers can trust.

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