Ngoc Anh SKF Bearings Dealer in Vietnam Explains How to Distinguish Fake SKF Products on

Recently, an authorized dealer of skf bearings in Vietnam, took to its online website to help customers identify fake skf products and distinguish them from genuine products.

According to a company representative, skf products are known for operational efficiency and quality. But, one cannot achieve the desired results by using fake skf products. Therefore, Vong bi Skf, the authorized skf bearings dealer company launched complete information (on its online platform) about how one can easily distinguish between fake and genuine skf products.

According to information provided by the company, there are some easy ways, using which, it is straightforward to spot the difference. First of all, the difference is visible in the colour of the box of skf bearings. Though the difference between fake and genuine plates is very minimal, yet the difference can be identified if one pays close attention to the box’s colour. As per the company, the colour of the genuine skf bearing plate is bright red and cobalt blue while that of the fake skf bearing box looks bright and dark.

The next difference can be spotted through the text printed on the skf bearings box. The information published on the table includes the Model name, SKF logo, origin, and barcode, printed in black ink on a white background. The ink used on the genuine skf bearings box is every clear. However, the ink on the counterfeited product box is smudged.

One can also identify the difference looking at the barcode printed on the skf bearing box. When scanned, the barcode reveals the complete information about the skf product, including the product model. The barcode that reveals wrong information with wrong product models is the one that is fake and counterfeited.

Lastly, the difference can be spotted by looking at the glue layer of the skf bearing box. The genuine product boxes are glued using a special glue, which seals the table entirely. When peeling, one can see a slight layer of the cover sticking to the box wall. On the other and, the boxes with fake products can be peeled off easily.

About The Company is an authorized and genuine skf bearings dealer in Vietnam, involved in offering authentic skf products with 24*7 nationwide delivery. With participation in several projects in different industries, the company holds years of experience in the bearings business. The significant products included in its portfolio are spherical bearings, skf grease, natural skf oil, 4-point angular contact ball bearing, skf drive products, and so on. Today, the company is highly trusted by the biggest manufacturer of bearings in the world, i.e. SKF Group. The company also has an online platform that it uses to connect with the target audience and spread information regarding genuine skf products.

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