NFL TV Pass Predicts Eagles to Have Toughest Schedule in the League to Start Season

Just in time for the NFL season to begin, NFL TV Pass predicts that the Eagles will face one of the toughest schedules in the league.

Football season officially begins on September 6, with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, kicking off the season. The game will be played against the Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field and will kick off on NBC Sports at 8:20 PM.

NFL TV Pass has released their prediction that the Eagles will face one of the toughest starts to the season of any recent Super Bowl winner. The team will play seven playoff teams from last year, and the six NFL East games will remain unpredictable as normal.

The publication makes note that Carson Wentz may or may not return to the field in time for the first game. Wentz suffered a knee injury in which the head coach is tired of hearing about. Wentz had his knee surgically repaired, and media outlets keep questioning the team if the star quarterback will be back on the field in time.

Wentz has yet to receive the “green light” from doctors, but he has been on the practice field and has looked good in 11-on-11.

Experts claim that the knee needs to be “near” the same level it was prior to the injury, and before clearance is given, the knee must be at least 95% mended. Wentz will undergo a series of tests, routinely, until he is given clearance to play.

Neither Wentz nor the coach know when the quarterback will be cleared.

Fans that watch NFL live online will likely see Nick Foles start the season, according to NFL TV Pass’ prediction. The Eagles have remained a team that has been primarily unchanged from last year’s winning team. Adding Wentz back into the lineup will mean that 19 out of 22 of the players on last year’s team will return for the 2018 season.

Predictions suggest that the team has one of the best chances of a repeat performance of any team in recent memory, including New England.

The Eagles start the season versus the Falcons followed by the Buccaneers, Colts, Titans, Vikings, Giants, Panthers, Jaguars, Cowboys, Saints, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, Rams, Texans and Redskins.

The site predicts that the Eagles will go 12 and 3 this season, with the team winning their first seven games. Losses are predicted in Week 8 against the Jaguars followed by a bye week in the ninth week for the Eagles.

The Jaguars are predicted to win the game, picking up an important point in a 24 – 13 win after both teams play a lackluster game. A second loss is predicted in week 11 when the Eagles play the Saints. The Saints are expected to enter the game with a sense of urgency after losing two of their last three games.

Drew Bees and the team’s running game will remain strong, but their defense is what’s expected to surprise the Eagles. The game is predicted to go 27 – 21 in favor of the Saints. Eli Manning is expected to give the Eagles a tough time in Week 12, when the Giants beat out the Eagles 33 – 27 in a performance that quiets the stadium.

The team, reeling from a streak of losses, is expected to win the remaining games of the season and go into the playoffs when it’s anyone’s game. Wentz remains the key factor behind the Eagles’ chance to repeat. His knee, if it can hold up and he can perform at the same level he did in 2017, will be key to the team having a chance at winning the Super Bowl.

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