Next Step Living Announces Energy-Saving Advice for Homeowners Everywhere, Even Helps With The Dishes

In honor of Earth Day, Next Step Living is sharing its best home energy and money-saving tips, including suggestions for washing the dishes more efficiently.

In preparation for Earth Day, Next Step Living is announcing its best home energy-saving tips to save homeowners energy and money in all areas of the home, including the kitchen. Here are a few tips that can help many homeowners tackle their inefficient dishwasher:

1. Rinse dirty dishes with cold water before putting them into the dishwasher.
2. Only run the dishwasher when it’s fully loaded.
3. Air-dry dishes instead of using the heat-dry cycle to cut down on energy costs.

Next Step Living® is the groundbreaking company on a mission to make it easy, affordable and rewarding for homeowners to implement energy-saving solutions. To achieve this, Next Step Living takes a practivist approach – that’s a practical, workable approach that supports an unabashedly activist agenda to protect our planet. In 2014, the company launched Next Step Giving to help other organizations spread the benefits and potential of renewable, efficient energy beyond the border of the Northeast. Next Step Living also partners with hundreds of cities and towns, corporations and nonprofits to help bring home energy efficiency to their communities.

“Next Step Living has been enthusiastic, professional and responsive,” Bob Bois, environmental compliance officer for the Town of Natick says. The town partnered with Next Step Living to provide solar power for 44 homes, leading to a more robust solar awareness in the town after the campaign ended.

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About Next Step Living
One of the fastest-growing companies in the country, Next Step Living® is the leading provider of whole-home energy solutions in the Northeast. In 2014, Next Step Living continued its triple bottom line focus with an expansion into the commercial sector when it became the exclusive provider of EcoThermal Filter Systems, an innovative energy-saving product for commercial kitchens. Headquartered in Boston’s Innovation District, Next Step Living makes it easy and affordable for people to have a low environmental impact. A one-stop service provider of informed advice, funding guidance and expert work, Next Step Living partners with more than 400 municipalities, civic organizations, leading corporations and utility companies to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for better living. Next Step Living makes our world better. Please visit for more information.

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