Newly Released 'Zapable Evolution' Launch Creates Controversy, as Premium Bonus Released by HanifQ

Newly Released 'Zapable Evolution' Launch Creates Controversy In Internet Marketing Review Industry, as Premium Bonus Released by IM Expert HanifQ. New Study Reveals App User Behavior.

The newly released Zapable Evolution platform is generating controversy in the internet marketing review industry due to its claim of being a robust app building tool that requires zero coding experience. The release of Zapable Evolution is primed to take advantage of a new report giving insights on the behavior of app users, which can be capitalized to make apps more engaging.

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for the Zapable Evolution platform, which can be found on his website:

Hanif regards himself as a credible Zapable Evolution review critic, primarily because of his experience as a niche marketer and software affiliate, as well as getting an inside look at Zapable platform, which is explained at He recommends that Zapable users take advantage of a new report detailing the behavior of app users, which can be used to make more engaging apps with higher monetization potential.

A recent study has shown the waiting period before an app is uninstalled is not as long as one would think. The duration is often quite low with most people getting rid of a poor app quickly. Let's take a look at what the study had to say.

There are 4.5 interactions before a poor app is uninstalled. This is an average number and there are many users who state they only need one use to make a proper decision. This is where the 'first impression' becomes important in the long-term.

On average, however, it takes around 4.5 times on the user's part to gauge how the app is doing for them and the value it brings. They determine if its worth the bandwidth. If yes, they keep it. If no, they discard it at that point. This is why apps have to be designed to work out immediately and maximize the chances of remaining installed.

As marketers try to discover the main reason that people are uninstalling apps in a hurry and are not even taking a second look at them, it seems that it all comes down to use and need. Users don't want to keep something on their smartphone that is not going to be used in the future. Most of these smartphone owners are looking to install an app that is needed in the moment and then will uninstall it to free up space on the phone.

This is important to note for developers who are putting together comprehensive apps. Details do matter and adding a bit of quality is key. Apps would be able to get a longer time with each user if they had better interfaces. The worst tend to be laggy and not fun to use at all. The goal is also to be as comprehensive as possible with the design of the app. It should not be minimalistic to a point where there is no value on offer at all. These are factors that have to be taken into account by all app developers who want to succeed.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth Zapable Evolution review, along with his premium Zapable bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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