Newly Released 'Video Skins' App Creates Controversy As HanifQ Releases Premium Bonus

Newly Released Video Skins app generates controversy, as IM expert HanifQ releases premium Video Skins bonus package. Facebook issues report of rapid growth in video advertising revenue.

The newly released 'Video Skins' app, explained at, is generating controversy in the internet marketing industry due to its claim of dramatically increasing video conversion rates, including sales & optins without the need to edit any videos. The release of Video Skins is positioned to take advantage of a growing video market, as indicated by a recent report released by Facebook.

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for the Video Skins software, which can be found on his review website:

For many years, video advertising dollars were spent very effectively on YouTube videos, primarily because YouTube has been the king of all video sites, displaying 3 trillion views so far in 2015 alone. However, Facebook has decided to enter into the video race, displaying about 2 trillion videos, showing that it is catching up. There have been many changes in the way that Facebook displays video, such as playing many of them as scrolling down the newsfeed page. Although YouTube has had 10 years over Facebook in order to master how to properly display videos, rank them, and generate a significant amount of advertising dollars, it is clear that this social media company is ready to compete.

There was a survey done by a marketing research team that showed that Facebook is ready to catch up to YouTube. They are the ones that determined that about 2 trillion views had been made on Facebook in comparison to the 3 trillion that YouTube has already done. Great growth and momentum have been seen with all of the videos that Facebook has been displaying, and up until now, it was thought that it was going much too slow to catch up. As far as advertising is concerned, it does not offer pre-roll ads, and is only experimenting with post-roll ads, allowing partnerships with major players like the NFL and Fox sports to participate.

According to the dollar value associated with Facebook advertising, it still seems to be a better deal to work with YouTube. For instance, when a video is shown, one will not be charged unless the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video, whereas Facebook will charge after only three seconds. There are, however, advantages to using Facebook, which is that the viewers are already logged in. This means that the company can utilize personal data much more effectively to provide the advertiser with a more exact database to work from.

Once evaluating both YouTube and Facebook, it is clear that YouTube is the clear winner. However, because of the viral nature of videos on Facebook, it might be worth while to consider using them to generate higher profits and greater traffic on the social media network.

VideoSkins customers can take advantage of both the Youtube and Facebook video advertising platforms to give their videos much higher exposure.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth VideoSkins review, along with his premium Vidoe Skins bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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