Newly Released 'Smart Member' System Sparks Controversy, as Hanif Quentino Introduces Premium Bonus

The newly released Smart Member software & training suite generates controversy in the IM industry, as Google announces release of Matched Content. Hanif Quentino introduces premium bonus for SmartMember.

The newly released 'Smart Member' membership suite, explained at, is generating controversy in the internet marketing industry due to its claim of being one of the fastest ways to launch and monetize a membership site. The launch of SmartMember is primed to take advantage of a new innovation to Adsense announced by Google for their Adsense platform.

An in-depth Smart Member guide and premium bonus has been published by IM expert Hanif Quentino, who is best known for his expertise in organic traffic generation and conversion rate optimization. The review and premium bonus can viewed here:

According to Hanif Quentino, Smart Member owners are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in content marketing, which can aid them in monetizing their sites and increasing their membership base. One of the latest trends is the new release of Matched Content Units for Adsense Publishers by Google.

Most websites have a related posts section usually found at the end of the content or the sidebar. The ultimate objective of this section is to keep visitors from leaving the site. In general, the longer a visitor hops around the site, the higher the chances of clicking an ad and converting a sale. This has been proven to be very effective, as evidenced by services such as OutBrain and Taboola.

Recently, Google announced that they are joining the content recommendation bandwagon. They released a new tool for AdSense publishers called Matched Content. This enables publishers to easily put up that familiar widget and entice their visitors to stay on their website by reading more of their content.

Google’s version currently includes internal links only. This is very similar to how related posts widgets in WordPress work. Through the Matched Content tool, publishers can set up what they want to appear in the widget. The speculation within the marketing community is that Google will eventually expand the tools functionality to include premium links to external sites. OutBrain and Taboola have been earning a huge sum through this method, so it would come as no surprise if Google follows suit.

While Google has been late in entering this trend, publishers may still find it advantageous to switch to this new tool. This is particularly true for those who are just using a related posts widget. The main benefit Matched Content has over these types of widget is that it has its own reporting metrics to enable one to gauge its effectiveness, especially when it comes to engagement. Google also recommends that Match Content units be placed above or below ad units to help improve visibility and engagement rate.

Internet marketers investing in the Smart Member system can take advantage of Adsense Matched Content to better monetize their membership sites, as we as using it to drive traffic.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth SmartMember review, along with his premium bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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