Newly Released 'Group Marketer' Software Generates Controversy, As Premium Bonus Released by eMarketingChamps

Newly Released 'Group Marketer' Software Generates Controversy in IM Review Industry, As Premium Bonus Package Released by eMarketingChamps. Facebook Announces Intent to Advance Into Mobile Web Advertising

The newly released 'Group Marketer' software, explained at, is generating controversy in the internet marketing review industry due to its claim of being a semi-automated solution for Facebook Group marketing, while mimicking human usage patterns. The release of Group Marketer is primed to take advantage of a new report showing Facebook's push into mobile web advertising.

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for the Group Marketer software, which can be found on his review website:

Hanif regards himself as a credible Group Marketer review critic, primarily because of his experience with social media marketing and optimization. He recommends that Group Marketer customers use the software in conjunction with Facebook's new expansion into mobile web advertising to cost-effectively grow their traffic and leads.

Mobile web advertising has long been ruled by Google Adsense and that is not going to be the same any longer if FaceBook gets its way. The social media giant is aiming to get its feet wet in terms of mobile web advertising in the near future to see whether or not they can make inroads and get a chunk of the pie for themselves. It is a lucrative option for those who wish to make a lot of money and they have already shown valuable growth in terms of 'in-app' advertisements.

It is going to be set up with the FaceBook network that is already in place because they will have the foundation to work forward from. They won't have to build up everything and that is going to make it easier to promote different options and have them ready to go for advertisers.

FAN has already done a great job in terms of the in-app ads that have been put up and that is always a good thing to launch forward from. They wanted to make inroads in terms of this first and they have done that. They are doing increasingly well and that is the reason they want to get involved with this as well. It is going to bring change and that is critical in terms of value being provided.

When is it going to be launched for those who are intrigued? There is a lot of interest out there to see how this is going to be run as advertisers want to get out and about in terms of finding value. The goal is to have it up and running in no time for those who are interested, but it is going to take a bit of time before things are ironed out as they should be.

It is these things that are going to matter the most for those who want to be sure about what the are getting from FaceBook. The social media giant also wants to ensure they are on the right path in terms of the value they are providing advertisers and publishers. There are a lot of things to work on, but it is falling into place.

Hanif recommends that Group Marketer customers utilize Facebook's new initiatives into mobile advertising to get a first mover's advantage, and drive cost-effective traffic to their sites.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth Group Marketer review, along with his premium bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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